New City Microcreamery Sudbury

New City Microcreamery to Open Sudbury Location

New City Microcreamery is one of the most unique ice cream shops in Sudbury, Ontario. Their ice cream is made using a special method known as liquid nitrogen freezing. Liquid nitrogen boils at temperatures of -320 degrees Fahrenheit and freezes the ice cream base immediately. This process results in a smoother texture and less ice crystals.

They have a large selection of flavors and are well known for their unique ice cream techniques. Besides their signature ice cream, they also serve milkshakes and coffee. You can even order a vegan or dairy-free ice cream. And if you have special dietary needs, New City Microcreamery offers several options.

After establishing locations in Hudson and Cambridge, New City Microcreamery plans to expand to Sudbury. It plans to open its third shop in the former Peets Coffee space on Route 20. The Sudbury location will include an outdoor patio area. On Tuesday, the Sudbury Select Board approved a victualler license for the store.

The New City Microcreamery will have its third scoop shop in Sudbury. The grand opening event will be held from 12:00 to 9:00 p.m. on July 17th. To celebrate, there will be special treats like Sudberry, a vanilla ice cream with spiced blueberries and strawberry swirl. There will also be fun games and photo booths for the entire family.

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