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Mysonne was raised in the Bronx and experienced a difficult upbringing, including losing his father at age 11. Basketball eventually provided Mysonne with an outlet, providing mentorship from NBA stars like Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury and Rafer Alston – three names which shaped his path as an NBA player.

Mysonne left college after only briefly enrolling, to pursue his love for hip hop music by founding Universal Soldierz Entertainment and has released numerous mixtapes and collaborations since.

Early Life and Education

Mysonne E Linen was born in 1976 in Highbridge neighborhood of The Bronx and experienced a turbulent upbringing surrounded by drugs, gangs, and violence. However, he managed to keep out of trouble through sports and music.

As a teenager, he played basketball at Rucker Park and made waves in hip hop as a freestyle rapper, competing against prominent names like Shyne and DMX in battle rap circuit battles and appearing on magazine covers before landing a record deal with Def Jam Records.

But as he prepared to release his major debut album, he was arrested for two robberies that derailed his career. After spending seven years behind bars he was released in 2006 and resumed pursuing music – writing songs for many well-known rappers such as Kanye West.

Professional Career

Mysonne Linen is an accomplished American rapper. He rose to prominence during the late ’90s and early 2000s due to his prowess at battle rapping and mixtape culture, writing ghostwriting for several well-known rappers as well. His moderate approach to life and focus on style make him an excellent role model.

Mysonne was raised in Highbridge neighborhood of Bronx. Embarking upon his love for hip hop culture at an early age, Mysonne used his talent to keep himself out of trouble in battle rapping against artists such as Shyne and DMX. Signed by Def Jam Records during late 90s but then arrested and convicted for robbery; serving seven years before being released in 2006. Now back on his music path with Life Teaches and Reality Bites album release in 2016, he hopes to reestablish his name and music career through Life Teaches and Reality Bites release.

Achievement and Honors

Mysonne is an acclaimed rapper in the hip hop community. He has collaborated with numerous renowned artists, as well as appearing in several movies. Now he is working on his next endeavor!

Born and raised in Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, he grew up around issues like violence and drugs. However, following the loss of his father at 11, which greatly impacted him personally; he managed to steer away from street problems by focusing on education and sports – even getting involved with battle rapping competitions against such famous battlers as DMX and Shyne!

He was found guilty of robbing a taxi driver at gunpoint in 1998 but maintained his innocence throughout. After serving seven years in jail he was freed to reunite with his son and has since released numerous mixtapes and songs, working alongside musicians such as The Game, Rick Ross and Chi-Ali.

Personal Life

Mysonne is an extremely happy husband. Together with Angelic Linen, he is currently raising two sons: Kamrock Linen and Keston Linen – two very adorable boys whom he regularly posts pictures of on both their Instagram pages.

Mysonne has become well-known for his lethal freestyle flow and brutally honest lyrics, appearing on many charts with his raps. Additionally, he co-founded UNTIL FREEDOM as an intersectional social justice group.

After being arrested on robbery charges and serving seven years behind bars, he still maintains his innocence and began focusing on music after his release in 2006. Since 2006 he has become increasingly focused on it as an outlet, becoming well-known both online and live performers – often providing ghostwritten material for other rappers in battle rapping or mixtape cultures.

Net Worth

Mysonne was raised on the streets of the Bronx, after losing his father at age 11. But through sports and education, he managed to stay out of trouble while remaining a student – competing in basketball leagues such as Rucker Park alongside NBA greats like Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson and Rafer Alston among many others.

He found a home at Wanna Blow Entertainment, meeting representatives that would later launch his career and garner recognition among audiences with mixtapes and battles against artists like Shyne and DMX.

He is widely known for his direct, honest lyrics and deadly freestyle flow, featuring on chart-topping albums such as Mase’s Double Up and Ruff Ryders’ Ryde or Die Vol 1 as well as writing songs for several big name rappers.

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