Murders In Queens New York

Murders in Queens, New York

There has been a rise in recent murders in Queens, New York. Many people believe that these crimes were committed by gang members, but in reality, they were the work of individuals with different backgrounds and political beliefs. We’ll look at the cases of Travis Blake, David Bonola, Orsolya Gaal, and David Sargeant.

Travis Blake

The murders of three Jamaicans in Queens, New York, have made Travis Blake a prime suspect in the city’s crime scene. He was arraigned in Queens Supreme Court on Monday and faces murder charges. Blake is accused of killing his girlfriend, her adult son and her niece. Blake was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

David Bonola

David Bonola has been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly stabbing Orsolya Gaal to death and putting her body in a hockey bag. The incident happened on April 16, 2022. The victim’s body was found inside a hockey bag on the side of a Queens road. David Bonola stabbed her 58 times before stuffing her body in a hockey bag. The victim’s body was later found near the Union Turnpike near Metropolitan Avenue.

Orsolya Gaal

The slaying of a 53-year-old New York City woman in her own home triggered a manhunt. Police believe the killer knew Gaal and had access to her home. The killer’s identity was revealed after a 911 caller reported that they found a blood-soaked duffel bag near the victim’s home.

David Sargeant

The David Sargeant murders in Queens and the Bronx have been connected to the same man. The man is Christopher J. McLaughlin, who was arrested following a multi-agency investigation. The investigation involved the state police DNA section and Cold Case Unit, as well as the Department of Correction and the Hartford Police Department.

Irv Gotti

Murder Inc is a documentary that shows the life and times of Irv Gotti in Queens, New York. The movie stars Daymond John, who founded the popular rap group FUBU, who also reminisces about his high school crush on Dana Gotti. Murder Inc produced multiple Billboard number one hits, sold more than 30 million records, and grossed over $500 million worldwide.

Malcolm X

In 1965, Malcolm X and his family moved to Queens, New York. They lived in a house on 97th Street, where the Nation of Islam was located. Eventually, the family moved to Elmhurst, where they were able to buy a second home. But the murders continued.

Palm Sunday Massacre

After being convicted of manslaughter in the 1985 Palm Sunday Massacre, Christopher Thomas was acquitted of murder. Thomas had been on cocaine, but the motive for the slayings was never established. Thomas had a falling out with his apartment owner, but he still killed nine people, including an 11-month-old baby. The victims included the drug dealer’s pregnant wife, an adult woman, and eight children.

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