Mtg Streets Of New Capenna Commander

Streets of New Capenna Commander

Streets of New Capenna Commander is a new collectible card set from Magic: The Gathering. The set contains a foil-etched display commander and fifteen new-to-Magic cards from each family. Each set also includes a collector’s booster sample pack.

a logistical hiccup affects stock of the Commander decks

As the next set of Magic: The Gathering nears its release, there are still a few things that aren’t quite ready. First, a logistical hiccup has caused limited stock of the new Commander decks. In a March 14th blog post, Wizards of the Coast explained that this is due to supply chain problems. As a result, stores will run out of stock quicker than usual. This delay should not affect other Magic: The Gathering products, however.

Riveteers Rampage deck

The Riveteers Rampage deck in the Streets of New Capenna Commander is packaged very minimally. This means that it contains the same contents as other Riveteers decks but with less packaging. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who want to try something new.

Cabaretti Cacophony

If you’re a fan of the popular commander set Magic: The Gathering, you’ll probably be excited to see the new Cabaretti Cacophony in the Streets of New Capenna. This deck is packed with a ton of new cards and even includes a 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack. It also features 10 double-sided tokens and a life tracker.

The Brokers deck

The Brokers are demonic lawyers from New Capenna who run a law firm. Though they secretly believe New Capenna will fall after the halo dries, they still maintain public law offices and take care of mundane legal matters. This deck has five of the best Connive cards in the game and a solid strategy. The Brokers are a versatile deck, with plenty of combat damage triggers.

NCC cards

If you’ve been waiting for a new Magic: The Gathering set, you’ve probably heard about the Streets of New Capenna commander decks. These decks feature five new crime families and the ability to build a criminal empire. The decks come with several reprints and new cards.

Preconstructed decks

If you’re looking for a preconstructed Commander deck, you’ve come to the right place. The Streets of New Capenna Commander preconstructed decks release along with the new card set, Streets of New Capenna, on April 29, 2022. These decks include a number of new cards and some reprints from the base set.


The Streets of New Capenna Commander is a new set of cards for Magic: The Gathering. It features new decks for each New Capenna family, including the “face” legends, fifteen new-to-Magic cards, and two foil-etched display commanders. The Streets of New Capenna decks come with a Collector Booster Sample Pack and a foil-etched display commander.

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