Mr B’s New Castle Pa

Mister B’s in New Castle, PA

When visiting downtown New Castle, PA, don’t miss Mister B’s. The New Castle Transit Authority offers bus service around the city and also makes three trips daily to Pittsburgh. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and serves traditional dishes that are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Downtown New Castle

If you’re looking for a casual, fun place to eat in downtown New Castle, consider Downtown Mr. B’s. It serves up everything from perfectly cooked smelt to lamb sandwiches and delicious craft beer. The staff is friendly and cool, and the prices are very democratic.

Mister B’s

If you are visiting New Castle, Pennsylvania and you’re looking for a good meal, Mister B’s is a good choice. Its menu features perfectly cooked smelt, lamb sandwiches, and delicious craft beer. Its staff is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable.

Station Square

The new Station Square will be an entertainment and dining destination, but is still in its nascent stages. Brookfield Properties, a New York-based developer, is reportedly in the process of marketing the site. The site, which is located across the Smithfield Street Bridge from Downtown, is 669,800 square feet.

Public transportation

If you’re visiting New Castle, Pennsylvania, you’ll want to consider the public transportation options. The New Castle Transit Authority offers bus services throughout the city, and makes three trips daily to the city of Pittsburgh. It’s also possible to catch a train or a car rental.


The food at Mr. B’s is not only delicious, it’s also quite affordable. You can get perfectly cooked smelt and lamb sandwiches, as well as a variety of craft beers. Cool, courteous staff and democratic prices are all hallmarks of this popular restaurant.

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