Mowngly Lucas

Mowngly Lucas, a Homeless Man With a Long Rap Sheet, Was Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Mowngly Lucas, 32 years old and homeless at the time, was sentenced Thursday to 20 years for sexually assaulting 59-year-old victim near Prospect Park near Parade Place and Parkside Avenue on Nov 18, 2018. Lucas held her in a chokehold until police intervened to break it up on that date.

Lucas then pulled her behind his van, broke into it, and attempted to sexually assault her before taking $10 from her purse before running off.

Early Life and Education

Lucas initially planned on becoming a race car driver after graduating high school; however, following a near fatal car crash with his modified Fiat, he changed his plans and attended community college instead where he discovered an interest for cinematography and camera tricks.

On Nov. 18, 2018, Mowngly Lucas, 32, approached a 59-year-old woman from behind on Parkside Avenue near Parade Place in Prospect Park and put her into a chokehold, telling her he possessed both knives and guns. After forcing her into a white van where he sexually assaulted her several times.

Police tracked down Lucas, who resided at a Queens homeless shelter at the time of his arrest, using surveillance camera footage in the area. On Thursday he was found guilty and given 20 years behind bars.

Professional Career

Lucas led Middletown High School to two state championships and an unbeaten 76-game winning streak during high school. Later, he attended Ohio State on an academic scholarship and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in management.

In 1974-75, he earned First-team All-America honors while playing alongside Len Elmore and Tom McMillen on the Maryland Terrapins team, though unfortunately their loss in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament prevented them from qualifying for NCAA competition.

Lucas took his professional basketball skills one step further by joining the Cincinnati Royals after graduation. Over his six seasons with them, he secured starting center status while earning All-NBA first team honors every year while only playing 28 minutes per game!

Achievement and Honors

Mowngly Lucas, 28, from Queens was arrested Wednesday by Brooklyn police after video footage helped track him down and arrest him on charges including rape, robbery, strangulation and unlawful imprisonment in relation to an Nov. 18 attack against 59-year-old woman near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place near Parkside Avenue – in addition to trying to rape her again later while sitting in his van parked outside her residence near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place where police found him and arrested him along with video footage that allowed them to locate him and arresting Queens resident Mowngly Lucas 28 on Wednesday after video helped them track him down and arresting Queens resident Mowngly Lucas after video helped identify him from Queens resident Mowngly Lucas for assault allegedly used against an elderly female victim near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place where police suspecting attempted on her while trying to assaulting her again while in his van parked near Parkside Avenue/ Parade Place/Parkside Avenue/ Parade Place where cops said Lucas tried raping her again with intent.

Personal Life

Queens man Mowngly Lucas has been given 20 years in prison after being found guilty of rape, sexually motivated burglary, strangulation and unlawful imprisonment in an attack that happened near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place on Nov 18 2018. Lucas grabbed her from behind and put her into a chokehold near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place while telling her he had both guns and knives with him, according to police reports.

Prosecutors contend Lucas lured her onto a bench across from the park and sexually assaulted her there, according to their testimony. Next, he forced her into a white commercial van parked nearby that he broke into, forcing her to ride it before breaking it open again in order to raped her again before fleeing with money from her purse before leaving Queens homeless shelter where Lucas resided at the time of his arrest.

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