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The Montagu Family – A New Eight-Part Series on England’s Grand Houses

Julie Montagu is making an exception during this coronavirus pandemic by opening up her estate for tours. The American aristocrat who owns Palace House in Hampshire also hosts an eight-part series about England’s grand houses.

Montagu’s family originated from Somerset; an offshoot branch was later established in Buckinghamshire during the 16th century.

Early Life and Education

Montague family had long been known for its distinguished pedigree, refined speech and proper etiquette; however, by the time Alice married Teackle Warfield in 1895 only some family silver had survived as property.

Edward Montague resided at Palace House, which was constructed around the original gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey. He had an intense passion for promoting ancient music and entertaining guests at Palace House. Additionally, he loved foreign travel, windsurfing off his own foreshore, wind surfing off-shore wind farms as well as participating in historic motorsport events.

The Montagu Trials of 1953 and 1954 saw him accused of homosexual acts which were then illegal. Although he pled not guilty, he was eventually convicted and served an 12-month sentence before beginning rebuilding his life and expanding the estate.

Professional Career

The 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu had it all: money, power and hereditary peerage. But he also dedicated himself to caring for his family’s 7,000-acre estate and becoming a pioneer of historic vehicles by founding both National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and Veteran and Vintage magazine.

This book-length study of Lily Montagu as religious organizer, leader and thinker provides the first full examination of her as an Anglo-Jewish figure. Beginning with an introduction that provides historical context and provides the relationship to other studies of Anglo-Jewish history; then exploring Montagu’s social work, magistrate court career, early achievements as writer/pioneer within British club movement as well as her spiritual awakening leading her to dedicate herself fully to Liberal Jewish cause – ultimately concluding with her significance within Anglo-Jewish history.

Achievement and Honors

Montague family history dates back for centuries. One early member helped King Edward III break free of Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer’s tutelage and, for his efforts, was awarded with being named Earl of Salisbury.

The 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu distinguished himself through a host of achievements, among them being dedicated caretaking of his 7,000-acre Hampshire estate and founding England’s National Motor Museum. Furthermore, he held several presidential posts such as those for Tourism Society, Southern Tourist Board and Museums Association.

He served as a visiting professor at universities such as Princeton and Harvard, contributing significant scientific findings. Later in life he focused on writing while encouraging children to develop qualities such as curiosity, imagination, and a passion for learning.

Personal Life

John Montagu was drawn to Oriental culture and founded several Orientalist societies. Additionally, he enjoyed old music and founded the Catch Club. Furthermore, John was active with the Society of Antiquaries, playing an integral role in organizing a meeting between Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads at Promontory in 1869.

He was an esteemed public figure who championed issues such as motoring, tourism, museums and the New Forest. For many years he served as President of both the Southern Tourist Board and Museums Association.

His personal life was complex: He was close to Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor (wife of Edward VIII). Furthermore, he had one daughter by another mistress and supported homosexual rights vociferously.

Net Worth

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu made his ancestral estate into an immensely popular museum featuring 250 vintage cars. Additionally, he worked to develop its country park and opened Palace House for public tours – becoming one of the first aristocrats to do so.

His charitable efforts have made him a highly recognized figure in the wellness community. He has written multiple books on wellness and yoga as well as leading workshops about healthy living.

Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, known simply as Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, is an American entrepreneur, yoga instructor and blogger with a net worth estimated to be $10 Million. She and husband Luke Montagu both appear on Bravo reality show Ladies of London as husband and wife duos while Viscountess Hinchingbrooke has also written several bestselling novels with three children as part of her family unit.

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