Molly Yeh Creamed Corn

Molly Yeh Creamed Corn Dip

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Molly Yeh is making a hearty meal that features a twist on classic corn dip. She starts by charring fresh corn in a cast-iron skillet, then adds salsa and refried beans before serving with tortilla chips.

This easy to make, seven-layer dip will be a hit with your family and friends! It’s perfect for parties and potlucks and also makes an easy lunch.

A Midwestern farm girl, Yeh has made a career out of bringing people together with her delicious recipes. She’s a go-to host and cook for her Food Network show, “Girl Meets Farm,” and also hosts weddings and other special events. She loves cooking for a crowd and often uses a variety of easy-to-replicate dishes to entertain her guests.

She loves to mash up old favorites with new ones, from harissa honey labne and hummus dumplings to kale matzo pizza and bacon and egg drop soup. She’s also a fan of liberally dousing desserts with homemade sprinkles and marzipan.

Whether she’s hosting a holiday party or making quick and easy meals for her family, she’s a master at taking simple ingredients and making them taste fantastic. Her recipe mashups are the highlight of her TV series, “Girl Meets Farm.”

For her latest episode, Yeh is making a meal inspired by her family’s Scandinavian heritage. She puts her own twist on classic dishes like a Cardamom Wreath, crunchy Pork Schnitzel with a Cucumber Salad and her super-cheesy Spaetzle with Fried Onions and Chives.

To top the meal off, she serves a refreshing cranberry salad with orange blossom dressing and a traditional Norwegian Cream Cake. And for dessert, she makes Giant Sprinkle Macaroons, which are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Her recipe mashups are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays! Her recipes are festive and delicious, and she’s a big fan of using dairy in her dishes.

A Midwest farmer, Yeh is a great advocate for dairy and regularly posts her recipes on her social media accounts to help spread the message about dairy’s impact on the sustainability of food and its role in helping us reach a healthy and happy lifestyle. So when Midwest Dairy contacted Yeh, she was a natural choice for her to take part in a media campaign to amp up dairy’s farm-to-table story and reach consumers with creative holiday ideas.

This campaign featured 17 television interviews and aired on 13 Midwest markets, including Good Morning America, Today and CBS This Morning. It also included In the Know segments and a series of digital content on the Midwest Dairy website, social channels and Instagram.

The media campaigns further amplify the dairy story and help connect Midwest Dairy with a variety of audiences, including young adults and women. For more information, contact Midwest Dairy at

A Midwestern farmer, Yeh is a great advocate on social media for dairy and regularly posts her recipes on her Instagram account. She’s a fan of using dairy in her dishes and has a lot of fun with the recipe mashups she creates. She also loves to liberally douse desserts with homemade sprinkles and marzipan, which are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

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