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Robert Miner, Rachel Miner, Dave Turin, and Bridget Bridget Robbins

Robert Miner is an esteemed TV analyst whose insights have enhanced countless series and deepened the focus of multiple networks. Additionally, his contributions have had an effect on content and marketing for many shows.

Coal is captivating not only due to its compelling narrative but also because it attempts to examine beyond the dangers that coal miners are exposed to on a daily basis.

Early Life and Education

Miner is originally from Minnesota but studied finance at the University of Colorado before making her move to Los Angeles and starting her entertainment industry career as a child actress, eventually landing various television and movie roles throughout her career.

She takes great pleasure in crafting stories with meaningful insights and analysis that engage and inform clients. Working as part of a team approach ensures all research objectives are fulfilled as promised and clients leave feeling satisfied with the work performed.

Season 14 of Gold Rush premiered on September 29, 2023 and followed Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Rick Ness as they explored mining operations in the Klondike. Filming for this season was limited due to travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic; filming concluded later than planned due to this pandemic and it returned for season 15 on March 6, 2024.

Professional Career

Rachel Miner knew from an early age she wanted to become an actress. She began training at eight, had an agent by nine, and made her acting debut as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light at nine. This role would remain with the show for five years until leaving Guiding Light behind altogether.

Miner first gained recognition within her genre with her appearance as counselor in Friday the 13th, which proved popular and brought Miner into prominence within it.

She made waves as Meg, the demon on Supernatural. Fans were blown away by her portrayal; many fans found the character’s sarcasm and viciousness particularly notable. Meg would remain part of the series until eventually being killed off later on in its run.

Achievement and Honors

At the fifth Annual Golden Pick Awards presented by the Robbins family at Don Haskins Center on September 18th, student-athletes from UTEP were recognized for their academic and athletic accomplishments. Recognized were Eve Daniels of volleyball fame; Rey Flores; Parker Schnabel; Tony Beets in gold mining, among many more.

Canaan Creative has just introduced what they claim is the world’s first Bitcoin Mining TV Set with their ‘AvalonMiner Inside’ feature. This allows the TV to use spare processing power for mining cryptocurrency – though unlike regular mining rigs it processes only 2.8 trillion hashes per second at 100W/T; still it sounds impressive!

Season 10 of Miner TV debuted on October 11, 2019, featuring Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness in the Klondike. Due to COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and travel lockdown at the start of season 10, filming and mining for this episode were delayed significantly.

Personal Life

Bridget believes research is an indispensable way to gain an insight into people’s perspectives and experiences, curating it with rich insights and analysis that engage and inform clients. Before joining Miner & Co Studio, she worked in qualitative research agency; outside of work she can be found pampering Cashew the cat, exploring Portland on foot or bike and supporting the community.

Miner made her television debut as Vickie on Showtime’s Shining Time Station: T’is a Gift. Later she played Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light for over five years. Furthermore she played demon Meg Masters for Supernatural’s fifth season and returned two sixth and three seventh-season episodes as the same character.

Net Worth

Dave Turin, star of Discovery series Gold Rush and reality television personality with a net worth exceeding $20 Million, inherited his grandfather’s mining operation and built an immense fortune through hard work and perseverance.

Tony Beets, another star from Gold Rush, reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $10 Million and invests it all in his thriving mining operation instead of living an extravagant lifestyle.

Canaan Creative recently introduced the world’s first bitcoin mining television set. Essentially it features a mining rig attached to an unbranded TV and can process over 2.8 trillion hashes per second.

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