Mike Vasquez Net Worth

Mike Vasquez, an MTV Siesta Key reality star who enjoys living an extravagant lifestyle. He earns income through cryptocurrency investments as well as business ventures and brand advertisements.

He also makes money through online training and YouTube channels, as he’s an enthusiastic break dancer and fitness model.

Early Life and Education

Mike Vasquez was born April 14th 1996 in Modesto, California to seven siblings and spent his early life working hard to support them all while also enjoying playing sports and singing karaoke with friends and family.

Mike is an esteemed calisthenic athlete and fitness model who boasts an enviable fan base in both America and abroad. His lifestyle is defined by healthy living habits that include regular workouts.

His success has allowed him to amass an impressive net worth. His plan is to expand his business ventures while continuing acting roles. Furthermore, he plans on giving back through charitable acts. He advises aspiring actors and entrepreneurs alike to be patient in pursuing their endeavors while emphasizing proper diet and exercise regimen.

Professional Career

Mike Vasquez has made himself known as an online fitness model and calisthenic athlete, boasting over 180,000 subscribers to YouTube alone and many followers across other social media platforms. He began his career as an artist, graduating from New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida.

He is known for his luxurious lifestyle and boasts an avid following on social media, his Instagram page showcasing pictures of him partying aboard yachts and private jets with friends, as well as taking part in extreme ocean sports activities like water skiing.

He is an avid supporter of charity work and provides financial contributions to multiple causes he cares for. Additionally, he has invested in multiple businesses and thus his net worth has skyrocketed over time.

Achievement and Honors

Mike Vasquez has amassed considerable wealth through acting and investments, contributing significantly to his overall net worth.

Mike Vasquez is well-known fitness model and athlete. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, he follows an intensive workout regime while eating healthily.

He has taken various philanthropic steps that help him give back to the community, including donating to several charities and participating in fundraisers. Furthermore, he regularly speaks about his personal experiences within the entertainment industry while encouraging others to follow their dreams and pursue them themselves. Furthermore, Drake University alumni events often attract him. Finally, his Instagram presence boasts thousands of followers – so much so that their alumni are often invited back as guests of honor at his alumni events!

Personal Life

Mike Vazquez, popularly known online by his online names of abovetheclovdss and yourboyclovds is an influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. A motivational video maker and trainer, Mike keeps a balanced personal and work life.

He maintains his private life discreetly and hasn’t revealed much about his relationship status, though he is dating Instagram star Sophia Rose and has an Instagram star son named Devon Michael who serves as his primary motivation.

Mike makes most of his money through YouTube channels, online training programs and ads on other sites like Fanverse (a cryptocurrency marketplace where creators sell NFTs). Mike also stars on MTV show Siesta Key where he portrays Sam Logan’s best friend. In addition, Mike works within cryptocurrency by way of Fanverse where creators sell exclusive NFTs.

Net Worth

Mike Vasquez is a professional break dancer, online coach and fitness model who earns significant revenue through social media presence. With an expansive fan base and strong presence within calisthenics and strength training communities alike, Mike’s presence on social media generates considerable income.

Attending New World School of Arts in Miami and Cum Laude University with a degree in Fine Arts respectively. Later becoming certified personal trainer.

He is gay and prefers to keep his personal life private, dating Sophia Rose, an Instagram sensation and fitness model from Instagram, who he met while working out at Crossfit Gyms in Brooklyn. They have one child together; his name remains undisclosed at this point. Additionally, he supports various charitable causes as well as investing in numerous businesses with an estimated net worth of around $2 Million.

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