Migo’s Ring

Migo released their much-praised mixtape Rich N**ga Timeline earlier this year and soon after came back with their groundbreaking album Culture. Takeoff delivered some of his finest lyrics over an infectious Zaytoven beat on this record.

Magister Yarrow has come to Fort Joy Square looking for her companion Migo. If you give him one of your Yarrow Flowers as promised he will give it back in return!

Early Life and Education

Migo, born March 1st 1997 and living in Atlanta, is an American rapper best known for his YouTube channel and its over 190k subscribers and 107 Million views. Migo is widely respected among his fellow artists such as Blac Youngsta and Plug Brudaz who collaborate regularly.

He attended Memphis high schools before enrolling at and graduating from a private university. Once graduated, his focus became his music career.

Quavo and Takeoff make up one third of Atlanta rapper group Migos, well-known for their distinctive triplet flow and dab moves. Culture III received positive reviews from both fans and critics; however, its overall tone appeared quieter compared to earlier releases in their catalog.

Professional Career

Migos began rapping as Polo Club in 2008, but really came into their own with their debut mixtape Juug Season in 2011. Their signature flow consisted of short bursts of words in triplet rhythm interspersed with onomatopoeia or spoken verbiage which helped define trap music.

DJ Drama was assigned the task of selecting special guests for Birthday Bash, Atlanta’s annual hip-hop showcase. Migos were familiar faces he knew would surely impress.

Magister Yarrow can be found in Fort Joy Square, upper section above Fara. Talking with him will complete your quest; his heavy gold-plated ring grants Restoration spells when worn. However, killing him for it also works; when killing him you will receive back either their heavy gold-plated ring as payment or it can be dropped back for completion of this quest.

Achievement and Honors

Migos members Quavo and Offset gave Takeoff one of the fanciest birthday presents ever: an adorable cosmic chain featuring a detachable spaceship!

Migos was recently featured at The GRAMMY Museum for a conversation regarding their unique synergy and culture-impactful career achievements, along with discussing their forthcoming project and how they have developed as artists.

Migo can be found on any beach in Helgen. He requests you give him a yarrow flower; in exchange, he’ll give you his ring. However, if you refuse, fight him instead as his health has been greatly compromised – though restoration could help reverse it.

Personal Life

Migos was an uncle/nephew/cousin trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia that first formed in the basement of Takeoff’s aunt’s house using a sock-covered Walmart microphone and free software designed for creating slideshows.

The youngest member of the group was well known for his love of luxury cars and clothing, owning both a Rolls Royce Wraith and an Austin Martin Vanquish.

Quavo and Offset gave him an exquisite cosmic birthday present: an extravagant $33k ring with 13 carats of diamonds and detachable spaceship for his birthday in 2022.

After Blac Youngsta passed, Culture III was released and went on tour alongside Blac Youngsta, Rich The Kid and Skippa Da Flippa for dabbing tours.

Net Worth

Migos have not only found success with their music, but have also secured lucrative endorsement deals and investments that have earned them an estimated combined value of over $66 Million.

Quavious Keyate Marshall, also known by his moniker Q-Tip and Kirshnik Khari Ball aka Takeoff are the members of Migos, an innovative hip hop trio formed almost nine years ago and only reaching mainstream success recently (2017).

Though their primary source of revenue comes from music sales, they also make millions through live performances – typically charging between $250,000 and $350,000 a show – merchandise sales, brand endorsements, investments in real estate, merchandise sales, merchandise sales and brand endorsements, merchandise sales, brand endorsements as well as brand endorsements have bolstered the group’s earnings significantly since its founding. They have even purchased several luxury homes in Atlanta. Georgia.

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