Michael Moore Net Worth

Michael Moore initially enjoyed football but his grandfather decided to enroll him in a boxing academy instead. Soon enough he became a highly sought-after fighter who eventually won several fights.

Moore has become a respected filmmaker and an outspoken supporter of various political causes, while diversifying his portfolio by investing in multiple business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Michael Moorer was born November 12th 1967 in Brooklyn, New York to his grandfather who had won a New York Golden Glove title himself and introduced him to boxing at age 10. Although naturally right-handed he fought his entire career as a southpaw.

After 12 fights, he became WBO light heavyweight champion and successfully defended it six times – also fighting and defeating Evander Holyfield and George Foreman in this time period.

Since his retirement in 2008 with a record of 52-4-1 (40 by knockout), he has worked as a trainer at Los Angeles’ Wild Card gym under legendary trainer Freddie Roach and married wife Bobbie; together they share one son named Michael.

Professional Career

Michael Moorer was born in Brooklyn on November 12th 1967 to his grandfather who had won the New York Golden Glove championship at age 30 and began training him for boxing when Michael was 10 years old. Moorer went to Monessen high school where he excelled both at football as linebacker and tight end before beginning training for boxing full time at age 16.

After graduating high school, he moved to Detroit, Michigan where he trained under legendary boxer Emanuel Steward. Soon thereafter he won national amateur light middleweight champion in just his rookie year of boxing!

Moorer first entered professional boxing on March 4, 1988, quickly ascending through the ranks. He won numerous titles before emerging as a contender in the heavyweight division. Alongside his fighting career, Moorer also works as a trainer for other notable boxers such as Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan.

Achievement and Honors

Michael Moorer achieved many prestigious accomplishments during his storied career, including nine light heavyweight championship wins as the inaugural southpaw champion in that division.

His professional debut was immensely satisfying as he knocked out Adrian Riggs in the first round. His quickness and agility in the ring proved impressive.

He had an aggressive European style of fighting that was hard on opponents. A formidable combatant with great power and stamina.

He had an outstanding chin and could land accurate combinations with precision, often facing off against some of the greatest fighters in Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis – making him one of the most acclaimed boxers around at that time. A very popular and talented boxer.

Personal Life

Michael Moore is an esteemed American filmmaker, author, and political activist known for his thought-provoking documentaries and unflinching political activism. Moore has made an indelible mark in film industry history while becoming one of the nation’s foremost voices on political matters.

Moore was raised in Monessen, Pennsylvania’s mill town and displayed early signs of hyperactivity. At age 10 his grandfather encouraged him to start boxing – an encouragement given by former New York Golden Glove Champion Tony Manfredi himself.

He attended Monessen High School and graduated in 1987 without furthering his education at college. A natural right-hander, but throughout his professional career as a southpaw. He held multiple world championship titles across two weight classes and won 26 fights by knockout including a memorable title unification match against Evander Holyfield in 1994.

Net Worth

Michael Moore is an American documentary filmmaker known for releasing films that challenge various aspects of modern society – be they social, political or economic issues.

Moorer also served as boxing trainer under Freddie Roach and married Bobbie. They are parents to Michael Moorer Jr. He made his professional debut in 1988 and won his inaugural match by knocking out Adrian Riggs in the opening round. Over the course of 1988 he successfully defended his title six times against various opponents including Freddie Delgado, Frankie Swindell, Mike Sedillo and former WBA champion Leslie Stewart – among many more.

Moore has also proven himself in real estate. While Divorce proceedings with Glynn were ongoing, he disclosed he owned a lakehouse worth thousands.

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