Michael Des Barres Net Worth

Michael Des Barres is an extremely gifted entertainer. With an array of educational and social experience under his belt, he provides media outlets with invaluable instructive material.

He is best known as one of the stars from Power Station and has appeared on television shows like MacGyver. Additionally, he has featured in movies like Drop Dead Darling and Pink Cadillac.

Early Life and Education

Michael Des Barres has built an illustrious career on his natural good looks and uncanny talent, becoming known for acting, singing, radio hosting and authoring – not to mention amassing an impressive following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

He began acting at an early age, appearing as “The Nux Bar Youngster” on posters across Britain. His first credit film role came in 1967’s To Sir, With Love; subsequent credits include roles in Ghoulies, Pink Cadillac and Mulholland Drive movies.

He was part of two short-lived bands – Silverhead and Detective – as well as co-writing an international Top Ten hit song by Animotion entitled “Obsession”. Additionally, he starred on TV series like New WKRP in Cincinnati and MacGyver as well as had recurring roles on Roseanne and JAG.

Professional Career

At age 8, Des Barres first made his acting debut uncredited on posters for Nux Bar in England. Later he attended Corona Academy Stage School to study acting. In 1967 classic movie To Sir with Love was where his debut role came.

He was featured as a cast member on programs like WKRP in Cincinnati and MacGyver, with repeat roles on Roseanne and JAG as well as appearances in movies like Pink Cadillac and Mulholland Drive.

Des Barres hosts The Michael Des Barres Program on Little Steven’s Underground Carport on SiriusXM Channel 21 and airs twice daily, morning and night. In 2012 he released the album Carnaby Street; later that same year in 2015 came The Key to the Universe featuring former Silverhead bassist Nigel Harrison playing bass/guitar/vocals along with drummer Dani Robinson (former bassist of Blondie).

Achievement and Honors

Michael Des Barres has made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry over decades of work. From roles on WKRP in Cincinnati and The Rockford Files to Nip/Tuck, his success as both an actor and musician can be measured with great pride.

Silverhead and Detective bands as well as his solo eponymous album released in 1980 were among those in which he performed, co-writing “Obsession”, an Animotion top-10 hit single alongside Holly Knight before going on to form Chequered Past as another band.

Who Do You Want Me to Be showcases him at his best – as an engaging rock star, charismatic character actor, charismatic DJ and doting family man with radiant good looks that have not aged at all over time.

Personal Life

He continues his music career by hosting The Michael Des Barres Program on Little Steven’s Underground Garage SiriusXM Channel 21. His vast musical knowledge and positive message has won him widespread respect from listeners around the globe.

His acting career includes appearances on shows such as WKRP in Cincinnati, MacGyver and Roseanne; additionally he was part of the band Rubbish of the Earth.

He has also appeared in various films such as To Sir, With Love and Drop Dead Darling. In the late 1980s he joined Chequered Past as lead singer before replacing Robert Palmer as front man of Duran Duran side project The Power Station band at 1985 Live Aid concert.

Net Worth

Michael Des Barres is an established actor, soundtrack artist, and musician renowned for his contributions in the entertainment industry. His net worth stands as proof of this success.

He has appeared in various films and television shows, such as Murdoc in MacGyver, one of Darlene’s doctors on Roseanne, as well as hosting on WKRP in Cincinnati. Additionally, he was part of several bands like Checkered Past and Silverhead.

His personal life includes three marriages and has produced Nicholas Hayertz-Des Barres as a video game writer. Currently he is living happily with Britta Hayertz-Des Barres whom he married three times over. They appear very contented.

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