Michael Cammarata Staten Island

Michael Cammarata, 54, is Indicted on Second-Degree Murder Charges

Michael Cammarata, a 54-year-old man, was indicted on April 11 for the murder of his estranged wife, Jeanine. He is also charged with stalking and harassment in the fourth degree. The defendants are scheduled to be tried separately. They each face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Police believe that Jeanine was killed at her Queens apartment. Her body was then disposed of between Saturday and Monday. It was found charred and unrecognizable five days later. Investigators said that they think she was murdered at the home of her girlfriend, Ayisha Egea, who lives with Michael Cammarata in a Queens apartment.

On Friday, Michael Cammarata and his girlfriend were ordered held without bail. During their arraignment, the two were accused of hiding a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence. This case is the first domestic violence case in New York City in which prosecutors have charged the alleged victim’s boyfriend with second-degree murder.

According to prosecutors, Michael Cammarata killed his estranged wife in his Queens apartment, which he shared with Ayisha Egea. He drove the charred remains to South Jersey. In addition, he allegedly kept the body in his home overnight. However, when police went to his apartment on Tuesday, they found the body stuffed in a large plastic bin. Upon further investigation, police believed that the body had been disposed of in a storage facility in Staten Island.

Michael Cammarata was indicted on April 11 for the crime, and he is expected to appear in court in two weeks. The defendant is being held on 23 years to life on second-degree murder charges. Until his trial, he worked as an assistant district attorney. His lawyer is Mark Fonte.

The prosecution has said that the defense team provided information that contradicted the defendant’s story. While the defendant claimed that he hit Jeanine in the face after they had a sex session, license plate readers showed that he was actually carrying a bag and something heavy. When investigators showed him the video, he changed his story. Despite the fact that he told police that he last saw Jeanine on March 30, he later admitted to police that he had a change of heart.

During their trial, the defense lawyer revealed that Jeanine was pregnant. That was one of the reasons why he lied to police. She also told them that she was worried about her safety. Although she did not make the abuse allegations until after her sentencing, she did tell police that she had received strange text messages from her phone the day she disappeared.

Earlier this week, the NYPD began posting photos of Cammarata on social media. They included images of him carrying a large bag, and a van that he allegedly drove to Staten Island. Since then, they have received many tips about the suspect.

At a news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio wore a purple ribbon, a symbol of domestic violence awareness. The city is also honoring Jeanine. Several friends of hers also wore purple on Thursday.

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