Micah Plath License Suspended

TLC’s Ethan Plath Has Had His License Suspended

Apparently, Ethan Plath has had his license suspended. This is a very sad event for both his mother, Kim and his father, Barry. They are very displeased with their son’s actions. He is speeding and was ticketed. Then, it was announced that TLC had decided to suspend his license. It seems that the mother and father of the actor are very resentful of their son.

Ethan Plath’s speeding ticket

Getting a speeding ticket and getting arrested are two separate things. But if you’re a fan of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, you’ll know what it’s like to have the whole family in the house. The show has introduced you to the super conservative Plath family, who restrict their kids from leaving the house.

Ethan Plath’s brother, Micah, turned 21 and the family got together for a little birthday party. Ethan’s girlfriend, Olivia, also turned 21, but she’s still a bit of a mystery. The two kids had a feisty relationship in the fourth season, but things are looking bleak now that Joshua’s grave has been sealed.

Ethan’s sister, Moriah, was arrested for driving under the influence in March, and her oh so clever feats of gallivanting have been covered on the show. The Plath family tries to hold together as best they can in the wake of Joshua’s death.

The best part of the experience is that Nathan Meggs’ arrest was not a total loss. He posted a $500 bond and the court deemed him indigent.

Kim and Barry Plath’s resentment towards their son

During the first season of Welcome to Plathville, Barry and Kim were trying to raise a large family in rural Georgia. They had strict rules and religious guidelines. They did not let their children use technology, processed foods or a lot of sugar.

They were concerned that their lifestyle was negatively influencing their younger children. They banned Olivia and Ethan from spending time with their younger siblings.

In Season 3, Ethan decided to face his mother one-on-one. Ethan felt that Kim did not try hard enough and he felt that she didn’t provide enough guidance. In the end, he ended up cutting ties with his parents. He was convinced that it was time to move on.

Ethan’s marriage has been suffering because of Kim’s lack of support. She is considered to be the worst offender in the family. In addition to not supporting her marriage, Kim has also been accused of being a manipulative mother.

Ethan Plath’s relationship with Moriah

During the season of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Plath’s relationship with his wife, Olivia, was suspended. It was deemed that their marriage was not working. The pair broke off all contact with their parents. Ethan’s parents believed that evil spirits were inhabiting Olivia. They didn’t want Ethan to see his siblings until they turned 18.

The Plath family moved into a five-bedroom house in Cairo, Georgia, in Season 2. The family home is close to Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. It is also nearby Ethan and Olivia’s house.

The Plath family is composed of nine children, but four of them are estranged from their parents. Olivia and Ethan are the eldest children. All four kids grew up in a religious household, but their parents were worried about them growing up without the real world knowledge.

The show showed the difficulties Ethan faced in dealing with his parents. They thought Ethan was rebellious and corrupting other kids. The family decided to take some time to heal. They visited Ethan’s grandparents in Minnesota.

TLC’s decision to suspend Ethan’s license

During the second season of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan and Olivia split for a while. After a fight, the couple decided to work on repairing their relationship. They eventually came back together and were living together again by the end of season four.

The pair also faced family drama. Ethan and his parents became more and more wary of the time that Ethan and Olivia spent unsupervised. They began to clash over conservative views and how Olivia influences her kids. They also had a disagreement over public school.

After Ethan and Olivia were unable to settle their differences, the pair decided to move to Florida. They were joined by Olivia’s brother Nathan and sister Moriah. Ethan was hesitant to leave Cairo, where he had lived for all of his life. He felt that it would be hard to move to a big city. He was also worried about leaving his family.

The couple decided to sell their home in Cairo. They showed it off to a realtor and the realtor acknowledged that Olivia wasn’t there.

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