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The John Adams Collection by McKenzie Kight and the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives

This collection features Kight’s annotated photos, correspondence and images received as part of his correspondence, documents of community organizations such as Pride parades and speaking engagements he participated in as well as art he collected at his residence on McCadden Place before donating it to ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

Early Life and Education

John Adams was born into a humble farming family in Braintree, Massachusetts and later remembered how his father taught him that farming was a difficult yet honorable profession.

Adams was instantly self-assured of his intellect at an early age and began studying at the local dame school. Encouraged by his father to attend college, Adams sold 10 acres of land in order to fund his tuition costs.

In 1758, he began his legal career in Boston despite initial difficulty finding clients for his services. Drawing inspiration from Cicero’s words that the first way to achieve fame in any profession was through hard work and diligence in applying it, his practice eventually flourished and eventually won him membership into the Massachusetts Constitution Convention of 1780; also, as a Federalist who advocated strong central government, business interests, and maintaining close ties to England, his practice prospered greatly as well as being successful.

Professional Career

Adams is an outstanding business marketing student and the captain of one of the nation’s premier junior college basketball teams, winning several championships along the way. Division I schools like Coastal Carolina, Stetson and Gardner Webb have taken note of his stellar play and have offered scholarships for him to continue his basketball career.

Adams is still enjoying his time at SLCC despite setbacks, looking forward to his next step and continuing his studies and basketball. He credits SLCC with helping him regain confidence and love of the game; hoping that its lessons may aid his path to the NBA. In the meantime, his focus remains on studies and basketball; eventually attending four-year schools to obtain degrees in business administration so he can become an accountant.

Achievement and Honors

Honorees are held to an extremely high standard, representing their parents, coaches, teachers and schools with pride. They exemplify the values that the conference strives to instil in its players: respect for themselves and for one another in both sport and community life.

The collection contains photographs annotated by Kight, images received as correspondence, and events including award presentation ceremonies, birthday parties, pride parades, speaking engagements and the memorial for Matthew Shepard in West Hollywood. Furthermore, there are exterior photos taken around McCadden Place and 909 West Adams Boulevard where ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives can be found.

Personal Life

Adams is an avid follower of League of Ireland football club Dundalk. Additionally, he frequently appears on podcasts discussing basketball – particularly Oklahoma City Thunder led by stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Adams was involved with numerous social justice causes. He campaigned for LGBT rights as human rights, served on various task forces and commissions, and established the Dow Action Committee to protest napalm use and defoliant use in Vietnam.

He and Kerri have two children together, who he enjoys spending time with through his hobbies of karate and anime as well as guitar playing. Once, he even missed an important game to watch an anime episode!

Net Worth

Adams is a high-earning athlete whose wealth stems from professional basketball. His impactful presence can be felt across New Zealand basketball as he serves as an influential role model to young players. Furthermore, Adams’ hardworking and humble character have won him respect from teammates and coaches alike.

He is known as one of the premier rebounders and defensive players in the league, in addition to being active in charity work and supporting various causes. Additionally, despite having amassed substantial wealth he remains frugal and lives an honest lifestyle.

He has amassed considerable wealth through his career and endorsement deals with various brands. Additionally, he boasts an immense fan base who love him dearly.

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