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Matthew Kelly Net Worth – How Much Is Matthew Kelly Worth?

Matthew Kelly is an internationally-recognized Self-Help Author born 12 July 1973 in Sydney Australia. He is known for incorporating Catholic theology into modern business practices through his works.

Matthew Kelly is in many ways just a regular guy: He enjoys chocolate, has a wife and family, and battles health issues such as cancer.

Early Life and Education

Matthew Kelly hails from Sydney, Australia. Beginning writing and speaking during his late teenage years at business school, more than five million people have attended his seminars and presentations combining Catholic theology with modern business practices. He is best known for bridging this divide.

Kelly owns Floyd Consulting, a management-consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies, the military and Department of Defense as well as small businesses and Dynamic Catholic. He lives in Erlanger with his wife Meggie Burke and five children.

Ask him why his books sell so many copies and draw such large audiences in an age when popular culture has virtually erased Catholicism from popular consciousness, and he will respond by shrugging his shoulders and saying: “I don’t know.” However, what he knows for certain is that people are hungry for something meaningful and are looking for answers.

Professional Career

Matthew Kelly is an esteemed motivational speaker and business consultant. With several books published under his belt and being one of the founding partners at Floyd Consulting – an esteemed management consulting firm – under his name, Matthew has garnered much renown as both an inspirational speaker and business advisor.

Kelly first began speaking at parish gatherings but has since spoken at auditoriums of thousands. Additionally, he has expanded into general and business self-help books as well as Catholic ones in publishing genres.

In his 20s, he traveled the globe, visiting up to 50 nations and speaking before thousands. Now living in Cincinnati where his children attend school and enjoying playing golf and piano – two hobbies of his as well as three cancer diagnoses (thyroid cancer in 2008 and skin cancer). However, thanks to surgery he managed to overcome them all successfully.

Achievement and Honors

Matthew Kelly began speaking professionally at 19, traveling to over 50 nations and speaking to millions. Since regaining the rights to his works, they can be made accessible via his own publishing company Viident.

In 2019, he was honored to become the inaugural playwright-in-residence at NYC’s Letter of Marque Theater, where he created and developed his new play THE WAGER about Blaise Pascal from 17th-century France. Following this development period, an AEA developmental reading took place over 29 hours in November.

Matthew Kelly, an alumnus of Northwood University Midland and recipient of the Zehnder’s Hospitality Award for outstanding achievement and contribution to its Hotel and Restaurant Management program. Meggie Burke hails from Cincinnati; together they have five children.

Personal Life

Matthew Kelly resides with his family in Cincinnati. In his free time he enjoys spending time with them, playing golf, reading books and donating time and money to charitable causes.

As an author and business leader, he has written multiple bestsellers that center around Catholic teachings applied to modern business practices. Additionally, his expertise has been featured on TV shows and podcasts; newspapers and magazines also regularly cover his work.

Floyd Consulting is an organization dedicated to helping organizations become their best versions. Floyd is also an international speaker and bestselling author, appearing on New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller lists among others.

Net Worth

Matthew Kelly is an Australian author, motivational speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur based out of Australia. His books have appeared on bestseller lists including those for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today as well as in Australia itself. Since he began speaking and writing during his late teens he has visited over 50 countries to address millions of people across his speaking engagements.

He and Meggie, his wife, have five children together. His hobbies include golfing, piano playing and reading. His family currently reside in Cincinnati where he works.

He has faced cancer three times: in 2008 he underwent thyroid cancer surgery; later melanoma in 2012 and kidney cancer in 2015. Kelly currently remains in remission from all three forms. Although the Institute operates as a nonprofit entity, its complex relationships with Kelly’s for-profit ventures such as Beacon (Wellspring) Publishing, Floyd Consulting and an LLC which owns its office building must be disclosed on tax forms in accordance with applicable law.

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