Matt Benjamin

Matt Benjamin, a Republican Candidate for Congress, Has Changed His Perspective Since His First Run in 2017.

Matt Benjamin has over two decades of legal practice experience and excels in comprehensive business planning, employee and executive benefits administration, wealth management services and more.

Benjamin offers an unique viewpoint when discussing either astronomy or our roads, which helps him make intelligent decisions for Boulder.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Benjamin, his wife who runs First Bite Boulder and assists in his campaign efforts, believes he has matured since his first run for office in 2017. “He’s become better at listening and understanding other people,” she noted.

Killingly High School honored him as valedictorian of his class in 1984, where he excelled at both football and track. Following graduation from Princeton University in 1989, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant but decided instead to attend Albany Medical College instead of Fort Drum Army Base where he also participated in Hepatitis C drug trial work during 1994 to 1998 at Fort Drum. Since then he has focused his expertise in federal sentencing law and policy through many articles published and regular contributions made to American Bar Association two-volume treatises on federal sentencing law and policy treatises published since 1998.

Professional Career

Matt Benjamin has always shown great commitment to serving his community through his professional endeavors. He serves on several not-for-profit boards and lectures at Baruch College’s Executives on Campus program; furthermore, he contributes his support to various local sports teams and causes.

Gibson Dunn Partner Eric Pflughof serves on its General Commercial Litigation, White Collar Defense and Investigations and Crisis Management Practice Groups, providing high-level individuals and companies with sensitive privacy, defamation and reputational recovery matters; private investigations; founders’ disputes litigation as well as complex civil litigation services.

He works with both business owners and individuals to help them realize financial independence and a strong sense of security. He specializes in comprehensive business planning, employee and executive benefit planning and wealth management.

Achievement and Honors

High school was an extraordinary time for Matt. At Shenvalee Golf Course in Harrisonburg, Virginia, he excelled as a golfer; always willing to play any time someone joined in on his games. Additionally, Matt enjoyed basketball immensely; in 1981-1982 season alone he was honored as part of Stonewall Jackson’s Hall of Fame!

Matthew Benjamin decided to create a fundraising campaign after visiting an orphanage in Uganda and wanting to support its children. He invited people in his community to pledge money per mile he ran while training for a half marathon.

His efforts paid off, and this week he was honored with the Prudential Spirit of Community Award on national level. Joined him was Oklahoma youth volunteer Jonathan Crider (18), of Marlow. They received engraved medallions along with an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. where they would join other top youth volunteers from each state and DC for celebration and honoring.

Personal Life

Matthew had a zest for life and was always up for a challenge. He loved spending time with his family, had an infectious laugh, was an exceptional chef, and co-owned a small restaurant in Cedaredge Colorado.

He served on the board of directors of Classic Stage Company, an Off-Broadway theatre company. An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, he leaves behind his wife, a daughter and son.

Benjamin specializes in federal sentencing law and policy in his legal practice, having written extensively on this topic for publications like American Bar Association’s two-volume treatise on federal sentencing law.

Net Worth

Matt Benjamin has also dabbled in technology. Working at Booz Allen Hamilton as an NSA contractor, he was responsible for designing and programming algorithms for machine learning applications as well as creating interpretable network graph models from massive social media data sets.

He reportedly has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million. Most of it was amassed through participating in the popular game show Jeopardy; where he has amassed over $1,519,601 from 39 appearances on it.

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