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Corey Reed, Marvelous Brown, Corey Reed, and More

Whether you are new to the Nashville area or a long time resident, you’ll love the music scene, the people, and the delicious food. The city is one of the best places to live in the country.

Corey Reed

Corey Reed is a five-year veteran of the Metro Nashville Police Department and was arrested for sexual battery by an authority figure. His bail was set at $100,000, and he is currently being held at the Downtown Detention Center. Corey is a handsome fellow, and he is a fine example of a good citizen. He is also a nice guy who likes to help others.

Corey was a graduate of Mineral Springs High School in Lockesburg, and worked for Wal Mart. He attended Mount Carmel United Methodist Church in Lockesburg. His wife and son live in El Dorado, Arkansas. He has two brothers and a sister. He was also the brother-in-law of Deshun Slater and Corderrell Wright. Corey had a great love of sports, and was also fond of the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics. He also enjoyed a good fish sandwich, and was known as “Big Fish” for his affinity for such. Corey also had a great sense of humor and was well liked by his family and friends.

Derek Calvon Hill Jr.

Earlier this month, Metro Nashville police arrested a Kipp Academy health teacher for allegedly sexually abusing a teenager. The police have not disclosed how old the man is, but he was charged with one count of aggravated rape. A high school health teacher isn’t exactly a rarity in this city, but the case is still quite unusual.

The Kipp Academy teacher, whose name is Derek Calvon Hill Jr., is being held at the Metro Nashville Police Department’s South Precinct. He was arrested at the school on Monday afternoon after a student alerted police that Hill was at his house. A police detective said they had received a tip about a sexual encounter between the two men, and that it was a bit of a surprise to find Hill out of the house. While it isn’t immediately clear how much time he spent at his home, police said he was allowed to spend the night.

Another Metro Nashville police officer, whose name is Michael Reed, is facing a battery of sexual assault charges of his own. A spokesman for the police department said the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility is still conducting an investigation into Reed. The department will soon announce its findings. In the meantime, Reed has been downgraded from his previous assignment, which was to the South Ward, pending the outcome of criminal investigations.

Grand Welcome Nashville

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Charges leveled against 30-year-old Marvelous Brown

Earlier today, the city of Nashville announced charges leveled against 30-year-old Marvelous Brown in relation to the sexual abuse of a teenage boy. Brown was the band director at Joelton Middle School and is alleged to have allowed the boy to sleep at his home several times.

The police began investigating the reported sexual abuse in January, when the boy came forward to police. In the end, three men were indicted. Two are educators, including Derek Calvon Hill Jr., who works as a health teacher at Kipp Academy. One is a Metro police officer.

Brown, Hill, and Reed are friends. They met through a fraternity at Tennessee State University. They also took part in a mentoring program through the college fraternity. They were all in the group’s chapter. During the mentoring program, they were told to watch out for each other.

The investigation began in January, when the teenager came forward to police. Investigators then interviewed several school officials and two prosecutors. In addition to the school officials, two Metro police officers also participated in the investigation.

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