Martha Daniels

Martha Daniels Passes Away

Martha Daniels began her IT career in 1992 as a cryptologist with the Navy. Since then, her experience has included working for both companies and government bodies – most notably as founder and president of Information Management Resources Inc (IMRI).

Her sculptures often draw on ancient Greek themes, like this piece titled “Red Nike III.” Its complex nature attests to her mastery as a ceramic engineer.

Early Life and Education

Martha experienced emotional abuse from her mother as a young child, including screaming and throwing things around the house, physical attacks and more. For comfort she turned to Bonnie – an indigo plush bunny with wide magenta eyes who became her only companion during times of difficulty.

At eighteen, Martha married Daniel Parke Custis – twenty years her senior and very wealthy as a plantation owner/manager/estate manager – despite two premature births from this union which produced four children together (two of which died as infants). The couple went on to produce four more offspring – two died before birth – yet both lived long lives despite some heartbreak during motherhood.

After her husband’s passing, she moved into Mt. Vernon and hosted guests. Additionally, on Tuesday afternoons she hosted receptions for clean respectable men to help ease her pain and help her forget. This helped to alleviate some of her sorrow.

Professional Career

Martha Zackin is an accomplished labor and employment attorney who assists employers, boards of directors and executives on an array of employment-related issues. Additionally, she represents clients in adversarial proceedings brought before administrative agencies, courts and arbitrators.

Expertise includes creating employment policies and handbooks, classifying employees according to wage and hour law compliance; employment and severance agreements; ADA/ADAAA compliance issues and corporate governance matters. She has advised on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance matters such as M&A due diligence as well as securities law concerns.

Daniels has been an integral member of her community through her involvement with nonprofits like Orange County United Way and WISEPlace, serving on their boards respectively as well as those for New Directions for Women and Boys & Girls Club of Orange County as a board member, New Directions for Women board, Boys & Girls Club Orange County board member and featured speaker at numerous technology conferences.

Achievement and Honors

She has earned multiple accolades and awards for her business acumen and pro bono work on behalf of individuals and communities in need, all the while contributing to global rule of law advancement.

As well as her artistic pursuits, she is also a licensed attorney in New Mexico, having practiced at Freedman, Boyd, Daniels, Hollander & Goldberg before venturing into legal arts. She earned her law degree summa cum laude from University of New Mexico School of Law.

She has earned an exceptional reputation for her community leadership through Louisville Institute’s Pastoral Study Project program, allowing pastors and pastoral leaders to meet regularly to study questions of faith that matter in their life of faith. Additionally, she serves as a member of Holy Covenant MCC in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Personal Life

Martha Daniels was an advocate for her community. She dedicated much of her free time and efforts to volunteering for nonprofits while also devoting much of it to family and friends, especially grandchildren and great grandchildren whom she enjoyed spending time with as well as going to dinners or shows with them.

Daniels’ works encompass various aesthetic traditions, such as Greek mythology. Her sculpture “Red Nike II,” an abstract nude figure perched atop a pedestal, is evidence of this. Daniels was drawing upon Ancient Greece’s Winged Victory figure when creating her piece.

Martha has an insatiable wanderlust and enjoys traveling and skiing, among her other passions such as crossword puzzles. Martha currently resides in Bahama, North Carolina with Wesley and Christopher as her two sons.

Net Worth

American news anchor Kaitlyn Corbett has amassed immense wealth through her television career. She takes home both a fixed salary and bonuses based on ratings for each show she hosts.

As part of her journalism career, she has interviewed notable individuals like President Barack Obama, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, General David Petraeus and Laura Bush – just to name a few.

Martha MacCallum currently hosts her program The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News channel on weeknights, as well as being active with Soldier Strong advisory council and Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child board of trustees. In addition to work, this 57-year-old finds time for community service – she serves on both.

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