Malik George

Malik George

Malik George is a fraternal twin from Woodbridge, New Jersey who has established a popular TikTok account dedicated to STEM education and advocacy. He is a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in biological engineering with an African and African diaspora studies minor.

He has a lot to look forward to, including graduate school to pursue a PhD in bioengineering. He also wants to work in the field of Synthetic Biology research.

Early Life and Education

Malik George grew up in Woodbridge, New Jersey and attended Woodbridge High School. He earned almost perfect SAT scores and is the co-valedictorian of the class.

He’s a senior at MIT, where he’s majoring in biological engineering with an African and African diaspora studies minor. He has an avid interest in biology and science research and has worked at several bioengineering labs.

Malik is no stranger to the limelight, having made a name for himself on the social media platform TikTok with his entertaining and educational science videos. Some of his most popular ones have garnered over 50,000 followers.

Professional Career

Malik george is a former professional boxer who is currently a trainer and coach. He has fought several fighters and has three losses to his name, including one against Derek Chisora.

He is currently pursuing a masters degree in bioengineering and a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. He hopes to incorporate both of these disciplines in his career.

He is a big fan of TikTok, and he has posted hundreds of funny and informative lessons that teach kids about science. For example, in one video, Malik hands Miles a pepper shaker and explains that pepper flakes distribute evenly on the surface of water but do not dissolve.

Achievements and Honors

MIT juniors and fraternal twins Malik and Miles George recently launched an educational TikTok account to inspire young people. Their videos are a mix of science education, advocacy and humor.

They’ve amassed a community of 52,000 followers on their STEM-focused TikTok account, @MalikandMiles. They’ve uploaded more than 100 videos on subjects such as genetics, photosynthesis and Covid-19 vaccines.

As high school co-valedictorians, the two brothers received scholarships to MIT, where they’re now studying bioengineering. They’re both straight-A students with nearly perfect SAT scores, according to ABC News.

Their success has been inspiring to the entire community of Woodbridge High School, principal Glenn Lottmann said. He praised their “so authentic, so genuine” reaction when they were told they had been named co-valedictorians.

Personal Life

Despite being rejected on the seventh season of X Factor, malik george was able to find success as one of the members of One Direction. Their debut single Up All Night was a hit across 16 countries and helped to create the generation’s ‘It Boy’ band.

The 21-year-old is now a social media sensation, thanks to his popular TikTok account @malikandmiles. His videos are educational, humorous and incredibly inspiring.

He and his twin brother Miles George ’22 graduated as co-valedictorians from their high school in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and received scholarships to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The brothers both earned nearly perfect SAT scores.

They are currently studying biological engineering and minoring in African and African diaspora studies at MIT. They are also active in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Net Worth

Zayn Malik is a British singer and former member of One Direction (also known as 1D). He has a hefty net worth and is known for his numerous noted brand endorsements.

He also has a significant number of fans following him on social media. He and his longtime girlfriend Gigi Hadid have been romantically linked since 2015.

His sharp English-Pakistani features, soulful voice and unmissable charm made him one of the top teenage stars. He has won several awards, including MTV Video Music Award, American Music Award and Teen Choice Award.

Besides his illustrious career, Malik has also earned a lot of money through his numerous fashion collaborations. He has launched a shoe collection with Giuseppe Zanotti and a unisex capsule collection with Versace. He has also co-designed a line of bags with The Kooples.

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