Madonna Kids Beg No More Surgery

Madonna Kids Beg No More Surgery

Despite all of the hype, the Madonna kids do not want any more cosmetic surgery. This is not surprising at all, and it makes sense. After all, these kids have already had tons of surgery. They’ve had botox, rhinoplasty, breast implants, and other procedures, and they’re not in their 20s yet. If they did have more surgeries, they’d have a much bigger risk of complications. They would be more prone to getting bruises, and they’d also have to deal with a much higher chance of needing a new facelift in the future.


Rocco and Madonna’s kids are begging their mum to stop plastic surgery. After a year of surgeries, their health is deteriorating. They worry about their mother’s behavior.

Madonna has a strict dietary regime, which includes a hard-core macrobiotic diet. Her kids also must follow a strict diet, and sweets and dairy products are outlawed. They also must be given a strict discipline, which includes keeping their rooms clean and tidy.

After their split, Guy and Madonna divorced. Their divorce was bitter. Guy and Madonna fought over Rocco’s custody. In June 2016, Madonna and Guy fought over Rocco’s custody.

The family have since reunited. Madonna and Rocco went on holiday to Switzerland earlier this year. Madonna and Guy Ritchie also spent Christmas with Rocco in London. However, the family’s relationship has been strained since Rocco moved to London.


During the past few months, Madonna has been under fire for some of her provocative photos on social media. However, the singer has promised her kids that she will not undergo any cosmetic surgery. She has also vowed to keep her kids on a strict diet of macrobiotic foods, and she will never allow them to drink milk or eat dairy products.

Madonna’s eldest child is Lourdes Leon, known as Lola. She is the daughter of Madonna and her ex-husband, Carlos Leon. She has had a successful career as a model, working for brands like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line. Earlier this year, she released her debut single under the name Lolahol. It’s a nod to her childhood nickname.


During her time as an actress and singer, Madonna has cultivated a reputation for reinventing herself over and over again. She is known for her adaptability in music production, songwriting, and visual presentation. She has won seven Grammy Awards, 28 Grammy nominations, and 14 studio albums as of 2022.

The singer/songwriter has been a thorn in the side of critics and fans alike for years. Her latest stint is largely credited to the advent of social media. The singer has consistently posted photos of herself with her children. She even celebrated Thanksgiving with all her children under one roof.

There are six children in the Madonna family, with twins Estere and Stella Mwale being the most recent additions. She has also adopted four children from Malawi.

Cosmetic surgery insiders

Several of Madonna’s children have become concerned with her appearance. They have been begging her to tone down her plastic surgery. They also worry about the effects it may have on her health. They also fear that her children will become addicted to plastic surgery.

Madonna’s appearance has been a subject of debate for years, but she has never admitted to having any cosmetic surgery. She has vowed to not have any more surgery. However, she has not stopped being attacked for her appearance. She recently posted a close-up photo on Instagram, and fans were quick to call her out.

Some fans described her eyes as being “shut tight”. Some also noted that her cheeks seemed to be stung by a dozen bees. They felt that Madonna’s cheeks had become too full, while her lips had lost volume.

Children’s views

Earlier this year, Madonna announced that she was building four new schools in Malawi. The new schools will serve as part of her charity Raising Malawi, which is dedicated to providing education and health care to children in need. She is also planning to build a new pediatric unit at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. It will have three operating rooms for children’s surgeries and a day clinic.

In addition to building schools, Madonna has also been promoting her new charity, which will provide medical care to some of the nation’s poorest citizens. Her executive director, Craig Neilson, has worked with the health ministry and Queen Elizabeth hospital on the project. He has also helped the hospital develop a training program for pediatric surgeons.

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