Madison Robertson Tishomingo Obituary

Madison Robertson – Tishomingo Obituary

Madison Patience Michelle Robertson was a 16-year-old girl from Tishomingo, Oklahoma. She was killed in a car crash along with her friends. She was the driver of a 2015 Chevy Spark that was packed with five other teenage girls, according to authorities.

The six girls were passengers in the Spark when it collided with a truck that was traveling north on U.S. 377 near Tishomingo on March 22. The crash killed all of the girls, including the driver.

Several people in the area have set up memorials to pay tribute to the six victims. The girls’ former high school in Tishomingo hosted a candlelight vigil Friday night and residents have created improvised roadside memorials on both sides of the road, KOKI reported.

On Wednesday, a team of four investigators and a family assistance specialist arrived in Tishomingo to continue the investigation into the crash. The team will look into a variety of factors related to the crash, including roadway conditions, highway infrastructure, accident histories and on-scene reconstruction.

In a preliminary report released Thursday, the National Transportation Safety Board said that 16-year-old Madison Robertson failed to yield for a truck when she turned left on the highway and hit a dump truck loaded with gravel. It also found that she had cannabis in her system when she drove the vehicle.

Robertson was driving on an intermediate driver’s license, which is only for those who have completed a class or are at least 18 years old, the NTSB says in its report. She also broke the law by driving without a licensed driver in the vehicle with her.

She was one of six teenagers killed when their car smashed into a gravel truck on a highway in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. They were all students at Tishomingo Public School, according to district officials.

The crash occurred at an intersection on U.S. 377 near Tishomingo, about 40 miles south of Ada. The girls were packed into the small Spark with only two of them wearing seatbelts, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports.

They were all killed when the vehicle they were in collided with a truck that was going north on U.S. 377 near the Tishomingo intersection. The driver of the truck, Valendon Burton, 51, was not injured, OHP reports say.

Among the other girls who were killed in the crash were Gracie Machado, Brooklyn Triplett and Austin Holt, all 15. Addison Gratz and Memory Wilson, both 17, were also killed.

In the wake of the crash, many friends and family members from the area visited the improvised roadside memorial to pay their respects and light candles for the girls. The family of Gracie Machado is planning to have funeral services for her on Monday, while the families of Brooklyn Triplett, Madison Robertson, Addison Gratz and Memory Jade Billy (Wilson) are deciding when to hold theirs.

Her obituary is being published on a website dedicated to the memory of her and her sisters. Her family, friends and her small group in Oklahoma are mourning the loss of their beloved Madison.

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