Lynn Thoman

Lynn Thoman Net Worth

Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University; expert in non-governmental organizations, international business, education and global health. Host of 3 Takeaways Podcast with interviews of leaders across many fields who share their wisdom and perspectives; also serves on boards at Harvard Medical School and Brookings Institution.

Study of brain bases of reading in developmental dyslexic children, language and literacy development. Publications in top academic journals.

Professional Career

Lynn Thoman has held multiple roles within the media industry. She began as an editor with The Catholic Missal magazine in Minneapolis before transitioning to Los Angeles where she served as photographer/editor with Franciscan Communications Center. Additionally, Thoman served as basketball analyst on NBA on NBC with Bob Costas as play-by-play announcer and studio analyst Doug Collins serving in a three-man booth, while currently sitting on both Harvard Medical School and Brookings Institution boards of directors.

Net Worth

According to various online sources, Lynn Thomas’ net worth ranges between $1-5 Million. She amassed this fortune as an American Football Player.

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