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Ted Leonsis and Lynn Leonsis

Ted Leonsis is the founder and chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment. Monumental is home to three teams in Washington: NHL’s Washington Capitals; NBA’s Washington Wizards and WNBA’s Mystics – plus several investments such as FedBid, Resonate Networks and Optoro. Ted was also one of the original members of Revolution Growth Fund.

He is the author of The Business of Happiness. Married to Lynn Leonsis and having two children.

Early Life and Education

Ted Leonsis is an esteemed business tycoon who has found great success in his professional career. Alongside this success he also leads an exceptional personal life as an exceptional husband, father and philanthropist. Ted and Lynn Leonsis, an accomplished author married for many years together, share two children. Their marriage remains blissful.

He has published numerous books on leadership, business and entrepreneurship – one of which being his seminal work The Business of Happiness.

Born in Brooklyn, Leonsis studied at Brooklyn Technical High School before attending Georgetown University for his college education. Later he established Redgate Communications Corporation which later became the Washington Capitals. Leonsis owns an extravagant mansion in Florida’s Orchid town as well.

Professional Career

Ted Leonsis is a venture capital investor, filmmaker, author and philanthropist. He founded, chairs and serves as CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment which owns the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League as well as Mystics in Women’s National Basketball Association as well as Verizon Center.

In 1987, he founded Redgate Communications Corporation and successfully sold it to America Online (AOL) for acquisition in 1994, where he served as senior executive for 13 years.

Revolution Growth Fund invests several million dollars in start-up technology companies. Furthermore, he serves as president of film/website company SnagFilms which produced Nanjing in 2007 which won Outstanding Programming-Long Form Story at the 2009 News & Documentary Emmy Awards and Lost for Life which explored juvenile offenders sentenced to life imprisonment.

Achievement and Honors

Leonsis has made great strides since founding and leading SnagFilms, a film/website company featuring full-service video streaming platform, professional-grade journalism content assets and established relationships within the creative community. Additionally, his company owns indieWIRE news information site.

The Leonsis family is actively engaged in various charitable works throughout Washington and other cities, with an emphasis on children’s education.

Ted and Lynn Leonsis are parents to two children: Zachary (Zach), known as Zach, and Elle. After thirty-plus years together they remain deeply in love with one another; Ted used to mow lawns as a source of additional income and one day came across Jim Shannon’s yard who assisted with getting Ted into Georgetown University.

Personal Life

The couple have two children together – Zachary Leonsis (known as Zack) was born in October 1988 while their daughter Elle arrived two years later. Together they have been married over thirty-five years, being extremely close.

Ted Leonsis has long been active in charitable work. He was the co-founder of Revolution Growth Fund, investing millions of dollars into start-up technology companies. Furthermore, SnagFilms (his film/website company) produced Nanking which won an Emmy award.

He invested in aXiomatic, which owns Team Liquid eSport Team. Additionally, he owns two beautiful properties in Potomac Maryland; Marwood House and Nantucket Estate are owned by him respectively.

Net Worth

Ted Leonsis’ wife is a striking beauty who enjoys both sports and music, is the loving mother of two children, and lives in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood with Leonsis’ ownership of NBA teams, Capitals and Nationals; as well as Mystics/Capitol One Arena for women basketball.

Leonsis founded Revolution Money and Clearspring Technologies, two secure payment services for online content providers. Additionally, he invested in numerous private businesses including SnagFilms.

Leonsis is an avid philanthropist who supports multiple causes. Together with his wife, they contribute to arts and education initiatives as well as programs like Best Buddies for children. Additionally, Leonsis has made donations both Democratically and Republican-related over time.

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