Lucinda Worthington

Sam Worthington plays Lucinda, an idealistic student fashion icon from her school who thinks everyone should look the same. Unfortunately, when Lucinda meets up with a monster she encounters an issue.

Worthington was born in Surrey, England but moved with his family to Australia at six months old. Since then he has gone on to star in films like Avatar, Clash of the Titans Wrath of the Titans, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Salvation.

Early Life and Education

Lucinda Worthington was an esteemed artist known for exhibiting in various galleries and serving as resident painter at Ritz-Carlton hotels on St John, Caneel Bay and in Caneel Bay. Additionally, she created wine labels as well as being hired to design and decorate private residences.

She is an enthusiastic patron of the arts, having made generous donations to numerous Buffalo area organizations such as Planned Parenthood, education, public radio stations, arts groups and individuals in need. Additionally, she is an active philanthropist; contributing to causes related to Hank Williams such as The Hank Williams Museum in Nashville.

Sam Worthingtons acting career began with a small part in Bootmen (2000), followed by leading roles in Harts War (2002) and Cate Shortlands modern retelling of Macbeth (2004) – for which he received Australias highest film award.

Professional Career

After graduating from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, Worthington appeared in numerous movies and TV shows such as Water Rats and Backburner before landing his breakthrough role of Arthur Wellesley in 2004 drama Somersault. Additionally, he gained praise for his performance at Belvoir Street Theatre production of Judas Kiss.

He then appeared as Marcus Wright in Avatar, which grossed more than $2 billion worldwide, as well as Perseus in Clash of the Titans and its sequel Wrath of the Titans.

She contributed her time and treasures to local theater and brass concerts while maintaining an extensive collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. As an active philanthropist she donated money to Planned Parenthood, education institutions, public radio broadcasting stations, local arts organizations, as well as individuals in need.

Achievement and Honors

Worthington has appeared in countless films and television shows, as well as voiced characters for various video games. Additionally, he has written some short stories and essays; his novella A Love Song for Lost Angeles won the 2007 American Academy of Arts and Letters John Grisham Award for First Fiction while Anna Ross’ chapbook Hawk Weather won 2009 New England Poetry Club Jean Pedrick Chapbook Award.

He starred as Nick Cassidy in the 2012 blockbuster Man on a Ledge and demigod Perseus in Clash of the Titans and its sequel Wrath of the Titans, as well as being cast in Australian war drama film Deadline Gallipoli as well as having Alex Mason appear as part of Call of Duty series.

Worthington is married to Australian actress Lara Bingle and together they share two sons, Rocket Zot and Racer. Additionally, Worthington is known as an active philanthropist supporting Planned Parenthood, local food banks, public radio programs and individuals who need support.

Personal Life

Worthington and his wife reside in Los Angeles where he raised three children: sons Herman and Scott Hundley as well as daughter Jodi – two stepdaughters are Jacqueline and Olivia who complete his family. His company Full Clip Productions was also founded with two friends back in 2010.

Sam Worthington made an impactful first impression with his role as lead in Cate Shortland’s 2004 drama film Somersault, for which he received Australia’s top film award. Since then he has appeared in Macbeth as well as Love My Way on television in Australia.

In 2012, he made his big screen debut as Perseus in Clash of the Titans sequel Wrath of the Titans and also appeared in Man on a Ledge and Call of Duty as Captain Alex Mason.

Net Worth

Worthington attended John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle, Australia – a drama school specializing in dramatic arts – but did not graduate. Instead he tried various jobs until finally settling in Sydney.

Worthington auditioned and was cast in James Cameron’s science fiction movie Avatar, becoming its highest-grossing movie ever. Additionally, Worthington portrayed Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation and demigod Perseus from Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans films.

Errol Starr made his mark as Sam Mason in Lionsgate’s Man on a Ledge, then appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Williams, Harold Perrineau, Mireille Enos in DEA drama Sabotage as Sam. Additionally he played Ray Monroe in psychological thriller Fragtured.

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