lucid warden

The Lucid Warden Disc Golf Disc

The Warden puts everything players love about the Judge into one comfortable putter without bead, featuring a straighter flight path and being suitable for power throws.

Our final Team Series discs highlight some of our premier players! Eric Oakley has his Lucid Glimmer Felon featuring a bar stamp; A.J. Risley has their Lucid-X Warden with name tag stamp; Chris Clemons owns both Lucid-X Verdict and Nikko VIP-X Fortress from this set!

Professional Career

Experienced correctional officer with 13 years in inmate safety and order management. Outstanding attention to detail, adept at staying vigilant to security risks, as well as accomplished in conducting Security Threat Group inmate investigations.

The Warden is Dynamic Discs’ beadless version of their popular Judge disc, taking everything players love about that disc and adding some additional glide for players who prefer straighter flight paths. Also an ideal choice for drives off the tee as its stability allows it to handle significant power. Produced using Lucid plastic which provides soft feel while still holding up well against abuse – its stamp color may differ.

Achievement and Honors

Lucid is an unsaid dragon with an indisputable sense of duty who prefers not to discuss things much; he keeps himself busy through mercenary work in the City of a Hundred Souls as well as helping out with community projects when possible.

Lucid and Dwynn have become particularly close, playing games together and taking flights together. Both share an affinity for humor; often getting themselves in trouble. Lucid tends to help Cedar out more than vice versa.

Dreamer of all Trades can induce vivid dreams into others while never himself dreaming. He frequently finds himself in strange situations after meddling with others’ minds. Furthermore, this individual also displays an aggressive side and can quickly send off troublemakers in battle arenas.

Personal Life

A.J. Risley is well known for making straight shots seem effortless, so he chose the Warden as his Team Series disc. With its smooth release and incredible spin rate, this putter keeps flying straight and true – helping minimize cut rolls thanks to low speed stability features that help minimize cut rolls. Ideal for players seeking greater distance off of the tee or added stability for driving distance drives – The Warden makes an excellent Team Series choice!

Dynamic Discs is excited to introduce its second run of 2020 Version 2 Team Series discs featuring players and designs from our Tour Team Series lineup! Each purchase directly supports these players on tour! Eric Oakley’s Lucid-X Glimmer Felon with bar stamp, A.J. Risley’s Lucid-X Warden with name tag stamp, Chris Clemons’ Lucid-X Verdict with Clemonade stamp, Paige Shue’s Lucid-X Glimmer Sheriff with sheriff’s badge stamp are just some examples included within this series! Your purchase directly supports these players while touring!

Net Worth

Anthony Pinto is widely known for creating Chad Warden as part of his prolific YouTube trolling and meme creation efforts. When he initially made a video comparing PlayStation 3 controller to sex toy, many took his arguments seriously and believed them. Some even went as far as creating their own video responses that often contained harsh criticism or were critical themselves.

He is a British actor by trade who has appeared in various miniseries and films such as Band of Brothers as 1st Lt. Harry Welsh and Dunkirk as Major Phillip Newman RAMC. He and his wife reside in England; neither has disclosed any information regarding their personal lives or finances to media.

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