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Homepage features an impressive brewery video which loads quickly without slowing down the site – an outstanding feature which sets this brewery apart from others.

Eric Biermann and Jon Messier, co-owners of Lucid, left corporate jobs to launch Minnesota’s first production microbrewery since Sherlock Holmes Brewing Pub closed years earlier.

Early Life and Education

Not all beers are created equal in the world of brewing. On one end of the spectrum are mass market beers like Budweiser and Coors Light that offer mild flavors at an accessible price, while craft beers provide richer flavors, greater complexity, are pricier and harder to source.

Messier and Biermann hope Lucid Air will meet a middle ground by being light enough for those who would typically shy away from creme brulee porter to give it a try, while serving as an introduction to their more robust beers such as Lucid Camo or Lucid Duce.

They won’t expand their brewery in Minnetonka yet, but do plan to participate in local events and brewery tours as well as continue distribution of both their own product as well as North Loop beer, though only at licensed liquor stores.

Professional Career

Lucid team members possess extensive professional expertise in business and finance. These individuals can offer invaluable assistance with financial planning to protect your brewery investment while developing a business plan and setting goals to reach them.

Lucid Air was created as an entryway beer to draw in those currently drinking mass-produced commercial beers such as Budweiser and Coors Light, offering them access to more sophisticated craft beers like Lucid Camo and Lucid Duce that they are currently creating.

Lucid team abruptly closed “The Hangar” taproom shortly after purchasing American Sky due to what Messier and Biermann term a licensing issue.

Achievement and Honors

Jon Messier and Eric Biermann understand they must strike a delicate balance between mass-produced commercial beers (Budweiser, Miller Lite and Coors Light) and craft beers – which tend to be stronger, more expensive, specialized and harder to find – when marketing Air. They hope its light taste may attract people who would otherwise prefer macro beers while at the same time opening doors to other stronger versions such as Lucid Camo or Lucid Duce brews from them.

Messier and Biermann plan to participate in local events and brewery tours while simultaneously distributing Lucid AIR and North Loop beers to liquor stores and tap lines throughout Minnetonka and Minneapolis suburbs, eventually adding a taproom for both brands.

Personal Life

Lucid Brewing’s founders Eric Biermann and Jon Messier aim for Lucid to become a local landmark of Minnetonka by placing emphasis on quality and consistency, hosting local events and brewery tours, as well as potentially opening a growler bar.

Lucid Air was designed as a gateway beer to craft beers for those unfamiliar with craft beers, including people who usually drink Bud, Miller or Coors Lights. Messier notes: “People who currently drink those brands could sit down and drink this.”

Though the company has ambitious growth plans, they remain cautious in opening a Hudson taproom. Biermann stated this closure was due to licensing issues; now they have moved the American Sky equipment from Hudson back into their facilities in Minnetonka and Minneapolis.

Net Worth

Not all beers are created equal in the world of brewing. At one end of the spectrum lie mass market beers like Budweiser and Coors Light that are mild, affordable and easily available while at the other there are full-flavored craft beers that may be expensive and hard to come by. Jon Messier and Eric Bierman wanted Lucid Air to fill a niche between these extremes by providing something easygoing that appeals to people who wouldn’t ordinarily consume more complex brews like creme brulee porter.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson, a former Tesla executive, has long advocated that Lucid be valued similarly to industry leader Tesla. However, investors have become impatient as Lucid continues to rack up losses and deplete cash reserves, potentially forcing Lucid to increase prices or slow production.

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