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Luce Spirits and the Henry Luce Foundation

Jaime Luce is an award-winning author, podcast host, and teacher who equips people with life-transforming Bible truths. Her messages offer strength and hope to those feeling trapped by life’s circumstances; Jaime believes you don’t have to settle for what the world or Satan throw at you but can claim victory through faith in Jesus alone.

Early Life and Education

The Luce Foundation takes an avid interest in early childhood development. Research demonstrates how experiences children encounter during their first five years play an invaluable role in shaping later development and shaping school readiness and overall child health and wellbeing. Early education plays an integral role here too.

Luce has taken an interest in orphans worldwide, raising funds for orphanages around the globe and supporting organizations that promote religious freedom and women’s rights. After visiting Indonesia in 1995 and witnessing orphans living in poor conditions in traditional warehouse-like orphanages, she conceptualized an alternative solution and raised funds to establish Orphans International Worldwide as an organization – another of Luce’s efforts at combatting child poverty through funding maternity leave and family support programs.

Professional Career

Clare Boothe Luce was not only known for her charitable efforts but also enjoyed a successful professional dance, acting and journalism career. As well as being a pioneer in women’s rights issues as a stage performer and feminist activist she also became an internationally acclaimed author.

Luce’s personal papers contain sheet music and notes from her performances. Additionally, an archivist holds letters and flyers documenting her war work.

Luce currently uses her spare time teaching Passamaquoddy language and basketry workshops for youth, as well as participating in online Passamaquoddy language classes twice each week. Starting this fall, she will teach at Trinity Washington University as a Luce Scholar through the Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program – a nationally competitive fellowship offering stipends and language training for 11 months in Asia; this fellowship has already assisted multiple students pursue their scholarly pursuits.

Achievement and Honors

Brown Ehlers will use her fellowship from Luce Indigenous Knowledge Foundation to produce a monumental 20×12-ft Chilkat weaving inspired by giant wood house screens and tapa cloth wall hangings found in historic Northwest Coast clan houses. Her goal is to amplify this work’s messages of cultural pride, identity, and power to her community.

Theresa Jo Teran, an Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellow, is working closely with elders and fluent language speakers in Shoshone to compile both a print and audio dictionary for this endangered language, benefitting many tribal and educational institutions in her project.

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Personal Life

The Henry Luce Foundation selects 13 Indigenous Knowledge Fellows each year who, by working to preserve traditional practices and languages of their communities, aim to ensure they don’t disappear altogether. Together with fellow Fellows from other Indigenous communities and the Henry Luce Foundation, these efforts should thrive and flourish in 2021.

Luce’s life was not without drama. She enjoyed close ties to both family and friends, including one who founded the China Institute of America. Inspired by her interest in Western history, Claire McGill Luce established the Claire McGill Luce Western History Research Room at Harney County Library in 2006. This library now houses thousands of books, microfilm, photographs and oral histories on local topics; additionally she hosted Acquire the Fire youth rallies and ministry clinics around the country.

Net Worth

Luce Spirits was established by two local entrepreneurs in 2019. Since their launch, the business has remained relatively subdued but hopes to make an impression this summer.

Raphael Luce currently boasts an estimated net worth of about $1 Million earned through his acting career. Based out of Burlington, he spends most of his time focused on both his professional development and studies.

He has amassed an extensive fan base through his YouTube channel where he posts his stunt videos. These are popularly watched and frequently commented upon.

Nelda Luce Blair holds over 2,500 units of company stock worth more than $63,875 according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. Click here for her entire holdings report.

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