Luce Farms

Luce Farms is a Values-Based Hemp Producer

Luce Farms uses organic and sustainable farming practices. Their hemp is fed by freshwater streams and the sun, and their products feature beneficial botanicals like ashwagandha and calendula for maximum benefits.

Since hemp became legal, its production and trade in Vermont have taken off rapidly – with Pimentels as leaders of an efficient operation that produces quality product.

Early Life and Education

Luce Farms is a values-based business that prioritizes family, health and the environment. Their product packaging uses glass or metal instead of plastic containers and they pay fair wages to their farmers and employees. Furthermore, Luce operates its own extraction lab on site, producing its products directly on location – and are currently seeking organic certification through NOFA-VT.

Early on in their relationship, Rich and Terri worked at his father’s dairy farm three miles west of Watertown and Terri’s grandparents’ maple syrup farm in Delano respectively. Both Rich and Terri also became avid writers – writing travel articles and cowboy tales in addition to travel tales and cowboy fiction stories.

Once again, the Pimentels started growing hemp on 206 acres of fields and forest land in Fairview township using only top premium strains with an emphasis on CBD production – this time round using their trademark method for processing from germination through to extraction with total integrity.

Professional Career

Luce Farm Wellness creates hemp-infused honey, body balm and coconut oil using USDA-certified organic hemp grown on their 206 acres of fields and forests. Their exclusive use of organic practices for everything from planting seeds to extraction makes their products truly sustainable.

Pimentel Ventures found themselves competing in an emerging market marred by disinformation and false marketing claims; so they sought the services of an independent chemist to ensure their labels accurately reflect each batch’s concentration of CBD while keeping total THC (psychoactive component of cannabis) below 0.3 percent.

Luce Farm Wellness seeks full-time associates for roles in account management, business development, sales and retail at its Bethel headquarters as well as remotely. In addition to competitive compensation packages that include full coverage health insurance stipends and full maternity coverage; its values-led culture promotes collaboration, integrity and people centricity while remaining eco-friendly and community orientated.

Achievement and Honors

Luce Farms emphasizes holistic health with their hemp-infused products like body balm, oil extracts, and warming rubs. Furthermore, their aim is to strengthen ecosystems on their land as well as in their region by using only organic farming practices.

The Pimentels have also taken steps to foster a reciprocal relationship between humans and nature by encouraging people to plant for both food and the land, continuing the legacy set by their grandparents who planted for both.

As managing partner of her firm, Luce represents clients in many legal fields including medical malpractice, birth trauma and injuries, pharmaceutical litigation, product liability claims and wrongful death suits. Martindale-Hubbell has awarded her with an AV Preeminent rating; additionally, she holds memberships in both New Jersey and West Virginia Bar Associations.

Personal Life

Gigot donned a cotton shirt, light coat, black leggings and muck boots as she examined lambs during her night shift at Harmony Fields sheep dairy in Harmony Hills at midnight – inspecting newborn lambs before moving on to 4 am shifts for 4 am lamb inspections and 4 am newborn checks. Gigot and Dean Luce own Harmony Fields together – their sheep dairy that produces Manchego and Pecorino-style cheese.

They produce a range of hemp-based products including honey, CBD oil and organic ingredients such as calendula, arnica, comfrey and lemon balm sourced from USDA certified organic hemp grown using specific strains known for producing large amounts of CBD. All extraction and manufacturing take place under one see-through roof under laboratory supervision to ensure consistency, transparency and quality in this nascent market.

Net Worth

Luce has enjoyed immense success as both an actress and model, amassing an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

She aspires to give back to the community, engaging in various charitable organizations.

Her farm, Luce Farm Wellness, cultivates USDA Certified Organic hemp from specific premium grade strains known to produce higher levels of CBD and CBG. To ensure quality and consistency in their product labels, they hired a professional chemist.

Miller helped the Pimentels reorganize their liabilities and develop a plan to repay farmers contracted to grow hemp for them, as well as reduce staff from 26 down to six. He also assisted them in envisioning a future for the company that was more aligned with their lifestyle and core values.

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