Lucas Wells

Lucas Wells – Actor, Writer and Videographer

Lucas Wells plays every male role in Croswell Opera House’s first national tour of Spring Awakening. Additionally, he has performed on Broadway as well as many Twin Cities productions.

Since 2014, he has served as head coach of both women’s and men’s volleyball programs at Wells College. Under his direction, each team’s overall and conference records have seen dramatic improvements.

Early Life and Education

Lucas is an intelligent 14-year-old who stands out among his peers with his eccentric interests and timid demeanor, making him vulnerable to bullying. But soon enough, he befriends Maggie (an attractive new girl) as well as Cappie’s protective older friend Rina who seems interested in him as well.

Lucas was an English humorist, essayist, biographer, playwright, short story writer and editor renowned for his humorous works on literature and history.

Wells is a Minneapolis-based photographer and videographer. He has worked with various nonprofits and arts organizations, such as Ordway Theatre and MSP Airport, specializing in portraiture. His work has been published both locally and nationally as well as being an accomplished musician and writer.

Professional Career

Lucas served as UNF’s Associate Head Men’s Tennis Coach in 2022 and helped guide them to both their first MAC regular season and tournament titles since 2014. As such, he was honored as an ITA Carolina Region Assistant Coach of the Year.

He specializes in patent litigation and has vast experience drafting specifications, prosecuting applications, handling oppositions and providing opinions throughout New Zealand and Australia. In addition, he regularly gives seminars about the importance of intellectual property for New Zealand businesses.

Wells holds a commanding 92.5-point advantage over Bryon Allison midway through the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series season and holds onto his Millennium Trailers Bike class championship title. Additionally, Wells competes in Lucas Oil Raceway Brown’s Oil ET Bracket Series using his Ray Skillman-sponsored dragster.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas was a distinguished member of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and served as first chairman of its Oil and Gas Committee, publishing multiple papers. Lucas was considered an authority on geologic formations and pioneered successful well drilling operations for petroleum. Additionally, he wrote many short essays, poems and novels.

Luca was often in conflict with his superiors due to his sarcastic, nonchalant manner. For instance, he once disobeyed Commander Jarek Davis by suggesting the USS Vengeance had an superior power plant than ShiKahr and criticizing how Jarek Davis led his crew – eventually receiving an award from American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering with their Gold Medal Award in recognition of his contributions in mining engineering.

Personal Life

Lucas Wells of Minneapolis-based videographer Wells Film & Photo LLC specializes in wedding videos using multiple cameras to capture all of the special moments, creating highlight reels and save-the-date videos as part of Wells Film & Photo LLC wedding videos services. Wells also has several credits on locally grown comedy shows as well as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Wells Film & Photo LLC was co-owned with Britta; both she and Lucas own it together to offer multiple camera coverage at events using multicamera set ups using multiple cameras so they capture all special moments while creating highlight reels or save-the-date videos as part of Wells Film & Photo LLC services.

This duo are well known for committing to one event each day, believing this allows them to focus on each couple and provide personalized service. Their clients appreciate their unobtrusive approach and attention to detail; plus they offer free consultations and are happy to answer any questions!

Net Worth

According to online resources, Vernon Wells reportedly has an estimated net worth of $75 Million. Wells was chosen first-round of the MLB Draft in 1997 and quickly made an impressionful name for himself with his incredible outfield skills.

His musical career spans films and television shows; as well as working for Supreme stores as merchandise manager and DJ; lending his voice for One Last Shot videogame.

Lucas is also active in philanthropy, having contributed millions to educational initiatives through donations of property in several locations around the United States as well as having his home located in Marin County in California.

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