Lucas Moody

Lucas Moody, CISO, Alteryx

Lucas Moody is a global-minded technology executive who thrives on driving information security thought leadership and helping emerging businesses flourish. He has experience developing security operations, engineering and forensic capabilities at KPMG, eBay/PayPal, Oracle and Intuit.

Previous to joining ICF, Mr. Devine served as director of film programming for Sheffield DocFest and co-founded two digital platforms – Something Real and London’s ICA festival Frames of Representation. Additionally, he managed UK impact distribution campaigns for documentaries such as CITIZENFOUR and DIRTY WARS.

Early Life and Education

Lucas was raised at Plymouth Congregational Church by her shoe salesman father and was always drawn to the arts; at UT Austin she graduated with a degree in Radio-Television-Film. Lucas then produced documentaries about real people – specifically Latinx women living in Monterrey – which became part of her documentary career.

By 1860 Moody had taken full time employment at the Mission Sunday School in Chicago (folder 38-5), located near crime-ridden areas and catering to children from poor families.

Moody organized meetings all over the country and abroad, founding Christian schools such as Northfield Seminary for Women in 1875 and Mount Hermon School for boys in 1881. He encouraged women to evangelize by encouraging them to conduct Bible studies themselves and encourage evangelization campaigns by their fellow women.

Professional Career

Lucas Moody serves as Alteryx’s senior vice president and chief information security officer, where he leads their security organization to protect customer, partner, employee data assets. Additionally, he contributes to product innovation. Lucas brings over two decades of security leadership experience from companies like Twitter, Rubrik Oracle Intuit KPMG among many others.

Lucas was delighted to finally secure the Calder Cup after suffering through two seasons due to hip and neck injuries that caused him to miss two campaigns, an experience which both him and his family will remember fondly for life.

Lucas had persevered through two difficult seasons and this win was the reward for his hard work and perseverance. Ryan in particular was very grateful, knowing exactly what is required to reach the finals.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Moody serves as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Alteryx and oversees their security organization, protecting customer, partner and employee data while contributing to product innovation. Prior to Alteryx he led global security technology teams protecting Twitter’s over 192 Million daily users before holding similar CISO roles at Rubrik and Palo Alto Networks as well as holding positions with KPMG, Intuit and Oracle.

He was an active and engaged member of his community, serving on both the Siler City Economic Development Corporation board of directors and Jordan Matthews High School Foundation boards of directors, in addition to volunteering regularly at Sheffield Doc/Fest since its start-up.

Personal Life

Lucas Moody lives with his wife and two children in Russellville, Arkansas. As an active family they love the outdoors – hiking, camping, fishing and simply taking in the sights.

He and his family are active participants in church and community life, attending services regularly as well as taking part in charitable events and mission trips.

Moody was also employed as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Twitter, leading its global security technology teams. Additionally, he served in this capacity at Rubrik and Palo Alto Networks.

Lucas is an avid traveler, visiting numerous countries all around the globe – even Antarctica! Additionally, he shares a passion for music, collaborating with several artists over time while teaching guitar masterclasses at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Net Worth

George Lucas has long been celebrated for his filmic talents and wealth creation abilities, but he also excels at business savvy and entrepreneurialism, amassing billions through wise investments and entrepreneurial efforts.

In 2023, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic had been sold to Disney for an astounding $5.8 billion; this sale significantly bolstered his financial status.

Graham Bonnet’s Line Up featured Moody as guitarist on all tracks and three songs co-written with Bob Young. Although relations within the group began to strain, Bernie Marsden decided not to finish recording Saints and Sinners album before departing before completion of Saints and Sinners album release. Subsequently Moody began sessions work with Sheena Easton before founding Snafu then later co-founding Snakecharmer band together with Sheena Easton.

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