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Therron Wade Dieckmann and Lucas Massie – Two finalists for the Assistant Director position at Austin Parks and Recreation

Austin Parks and Recreation is searching for a new assistant director to oversee its citywide programming, with two finalists named so far being Therron Wade Dieckmann and Lucas Massie.

Massie, 21, is currently playing goal for the Lincoln Stars of the USHL and has made an outstanding impression this year – posting an 6-2 record with 2.98 goals against average and an impressive save percentage of 909%.

Early Life and Education

Luca was raised by parents who immigrated from Italy, instilling in him an intense passion for education. Although denied admission due to race discrimination at University of Arkansas due to ANM College (now U of A Pine Bluff), he persevered and graduated top honors at AMHNC (now University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff). Following this he earned a master’s degree from Fisk University before enrolling into Iowa State’s organic chemistry doctorate program where he participated on The Manhattan Project.

Massie was also instrumental in developing foaming agents to protect sailors from toxic gases on ships, researched how chemicals used on ships affect marine life, and developed antibiotics to treat infectious diseases, even receiving a patent for an antibiotic that successfully treated gonorrhea. Furthermore, in 1994 the Energy Department created a grant program in his honor so college students conducting research could receive support.

Professional Career

Massie took an unusual route through his hockey career: jumping directly from youth hockey to junior with Alberta’s Blackfalds Bulldogs without passing through youth or junior ice.

He’s posted an impressive 6-2 record with a 2.98 goals-against average and.909 save percentage this season, including five games where only one or two goals have been allowed against him. He credits his father, an accomplished former roller hockey goalie himself, as well as other family members with providing assistance and advice along his path to success.

Massie’s work has been recognized by various organizations, including the City of Austin. Additionally, he works part-time as an adjunct professor while acting as Assistant Director at Austin Parks and Recreation Department where he’s in charge of overseeing community programs, youth sports teams, special events and special programs for senior citizens.

Achievement and Honors

Massie has served in the US House of Representatives since 2012 when he won both Republican primary and general election to replace retiring Congressman Bill Davis. He represents Kentucky’s 4th congressional district which encompasses much of eastern Kentucky as well as Cincinnati suburbs.

Massie was appointed to fill Davis’ term on November 13, 2012. As one of two months’ seniority among his freshman peers, Massie has become an outspoken proponent for free market principles.

Massie noted the strong coaching relationships he established with Union staff – led by Josh Hauge as first-year coach – as key factors in committing to play for them for 2022-23.

Personal Life

Massie was raised by his single mother and had to assume a great deal of responsibility from an early age. By 13 he began selling newspapers around local newsagents, earning himself PS3 each week as commission.

He attributes his success to the guidance and support from both parents and grandparents, in particular his father.

Massie currently serves as the Acting Assistant Director of Programs at Austin Parks and Recreation Department. He brings 18 years of experience to this position and enjoys spending time with family, playing sports and attending live music performances in Austin, Texas where he lives with his wife. When not working he enjoys cooking and traveling.

Net Worth

Luke Massie is the creator of Vibe Tickets, an innovative start-up that allows individuals to buy and sell event tickets directly without using secondary market sites like Stubhub. Since 2014, his business has raised over PS1.7 million.

Lancashire-based tech entrepreneur Jamie Thompson has gained support from prominent figures, such as property developer Nick Candy. In 2016, he won the VOOM 2016 “Pitch to Rich” competition – beating thousands of start-ups to present his idea to Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson!

His estimated net worth is estimated at PS250,000 and his company has been operating since 2014. Wikiquotes reports that he has not filled out a personal gain survey; his voting record demonstrates his conservative ideology.

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