Luca Chandelier

The Luca Chandelier Brings a Tropical Feel to Your Home

The Luca chandelier will add a tropical vibe to any room in your home. Featuring an organic design and distressed gold finish, it is the ideal addition for any space in your home.

The Luca collection offers wall lamps, ceiling lights, and chandeliers that create an integrated lighting solution. Exhibit these striking fixtures above dining or kitchen tables for maximum impact!

Early Life and Education

Luca is an eye-catching chandelier with modern charm. Featuring an adjustable frame with an eye-catching scoop shade that adjusts perfectly for any setting, add this piece of decor into any bedroom or dining area to add sophisticated style with an artisanal edge.

At present, lighting designers are turning to an array of fabricators and artisans when selecting fixtures for new condo buildings–an increase that was previously impossible. At 111 Murray, design firm Greg Keffer collaborated with Downtown Brooklyn glassblower Jamie Harris on a 7-foot chandelier featuring soft brass needles juxtaposed against hot blown tin chloride glass, an iconic process popularized by turn-of-the-century stained-glass maestro Louis Comfort Tiffany himself. The result creates a visual exclamation point in its entryway of this 157 unit tower where two bedroom units start at $4 million!

Professional Career

The Lucas chandelier features an overlapped rectangular exterior to protect its candelabra cluster in style and elegance. Perfect for dining room, foyer, master bedroom and living areas alike – its brilliant pendant makes an impactful statement piece in any home!

Befor you begin cleaning your chandelier, it is best to lay out a drop cloth to prevent water spots or any damage from the floor, unplug any light fixtures and open windows in the room to allow any dirt and grime out. Additionally, wearing gloves and safety glasses when handling parts that could get wet may be wise.

Establish your cleaning station by filling a spray bottle with either purified water or one of the cleaners listed above, and using soft, clean cloth dipped in this solution to gently wipe down each section of your fixture, followed by drying with another lint-free cloth.

Achievement and Honors

Luca is an elegant chandelier that features metal shades in light French Gray suspended from halos of Natural Aged Brass, with open tops to maximize light output from this fixture. Luca exudes coastal vibes with an exotic touch; available either Black with Black Rattan shade or Polished Chrome with Natural Rattan shade and polished Chrome for extra shine, this bold pendant pendant makes an eye-catching statement in hallways, bedrooms or dining rooms to complete Japandi interior designs.

Personal Life

Lucas, an artful tribute to Filipino artisan techniques, features natural cane ribs and rattan; two common materials in the Philippines. A circular rattan shade surrounds an opaque glass globe in this piece reminiscent of Japanesedi interior design aesthetic. Display it anywhere you like for an invigorating Zen vibe at home.

Luca is an exquisite modern four-light gold chandelier featuring an overlapped rectangular exterior protecting an elaborate candelabra cluster. This geometric design will make an eye-catching statement in any foyer, entryway, kitchen island, dining room or master bedroom setting. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information regarding ordering this product.

Net Worth

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Add value and increase your net worth by regularly cleaning and repairing your chandelier. You can do it yourself by dismantling and washing it, or hire professional services for this task.

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