Lovely Mimi Net Worth

Lovely Mimi Net Worth – How Much Is Lovely Mimi Worth?

Lovely Mimi (Myha Thi Luong), born Myha Thi Ho, is an immensely popular social media star and entrepreneur with an enormous following on YouTube and nail salons. With her dramatic style and charitable causes she has attracted an ever-increasing following that keeps them coming back for more! Mimi makes significant income from both sources.

Mimi has built her net worth significantly through the success of UltraViolet Nail Lounge salon franchise in Maryland and Virginia. This has greatly increased Mimi’s net worth.

Early Life and Education

Lovely Mimi has found success through savvy use of social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where she uses engaging content to garner a massive fan base, leading to endorsements, brand collaborations, endorsement deals, philanthropy endeavors and an overall dedication to making a positive difference in others’ lives.

Mimi had an uneasy childhood, yet was able to persevere through all obstacles and build a successful career for herself. Her unique perspective of life can be seen on YouTube videos shared with viewers worldwide.

Mimi makes most of her income through nail salons and her YouTube channel, Itslovelymimi. However, she prefers to keep her personal life private and prefers not to discuss this aspect of her life with anyone.

Professional Career

Lovely Mimi, real name Myha Thi Luong, shot to prominence after appearing on VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2017. Her charismatic personality and outspokenness quickly made her one of the show’s favorite cast members.

She is an extremely skilled nail artist who has built an illustrious career for herself in this industry. Additionally, she ventured into fashion and beauty by starting her own clothing line and makeup collection – both ventures contributing to an increase in net worth and diversifying income streams.

Lovely Mimi is dedicated to her family despite a busy work and business commitments, prioritizing them first in life and marriage with Remy Skye as she raises their son and daughter together. Her dedication has created a solid foundation for their future together.

Achievement and Honors

Lovely Mimi has quickly amassed a loyal following thanks to her vibrant personality and distinctive fashion sense. Her interests run the gamut, so she’s constantly on the lookout for opportunities that could widen her horizons further.

Mimi features her family prominently on her social media presence, sharing pictures and videos of them online. Additionally, she’s very involved in her community by attending fashion shows and beauty conventions regularly.

Mimi and Remy Skinner, with two children named Juice and Jayy. They frequently post updates of family moments on social media and maintain an open line of communication with fans. Both parties are passionate about their careers while managing family life well.

Personal Life

Lovely Mimi is an American-Vietnamese social media personality, entrepreneur and reality TV star who first gained notoriety for appearing on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. A professional nail technician by trade, Lovely Mimi also runs her own YouTube channel as part of her professional work.

Her fans love her sense of humor and appreciation of beauty tutorials/vlogs she posts to social media to build her following. Additionally, she maintains her look by using various products to maintain it.

Mimi is the mother of Juice and Jayy. She married Remy Skinner in 2010 but they divorced in 2019 due to his infidelity. Mimi enjoys anime and manga and shares an Instagram account managed by both children called JuicenJayy that features both.

Net Worth

Lovely Mimi is an accomplished businesswoman who rose to prominence through her humor-laced reality TV appearances and charitable endeavors, serving as a role model to her followers and taking pride in giving back.

Mimi Luong was born Myha Thi Luong and holds both American and Vietnamese citizenship. Her popularity skyrocketed when she appeared on VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2017.

Reality star Mimi has amassed a substantial net worth through various business ventures and her social media presence. She is mother to two children – Juice (son) and Jayy (daughter) who both feature prominently on Instagram through accounts controlled by their parents, which Mimi herself monitors on behalf of both. Mimi currently resides in DMV where she owns her own nail salon.

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