Lori Daniels

Interview With Dr. Lori Daniels

Lori Daniels is a cardiothoracic physician in San Diego, CA who attended Harvard College and Harvard Medical School and practices at UC San Diego Medical Center.

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Early Life and Education

Lori has over three decades of education experience and for sixteen of those years as a Waldorf early childhood teacher. She uses her therapeutic training in all aspects of her teaching practice and serves as both mentor for teachers and conference presenter.

In April 2022 she was taken to hospital complaining of severe headaches and vision loss, only to learn she had a large meningioma tumor on her brain that required immediate surgical removal.

Now, she has undergone surgery and radiation for 30 days to keep it from growing back. Due to being out of work until September, she could use your assistance providing for her family during this difficult time.

Professional Career

She boasts a long list of professional experience and accomplishments. For over two decades she has worked in social work, with a particular emphasis on treating traumatic stress disorders in veterans. In addition, she served as clinical supervisor at Veterans Affairs and adjunct professor at University of Hawaii.

She operates a consulting business specializing in strategic planning and service quality, serving both public sector organizations as well as private businesses.

As part of her consulting practice, Dr. Sheerin also pursues research pertaining to cardiovascular epidemiology, women’s heart health and biomarkers. She serves as principal investigator on multiple national grants and frequently speaks on these subjects internationally.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels has published or co-published 65 peer-reviewed papers, and she regularly appears in the media to provide balanced views about wildfire management. Daniels is an enthusiastic champion for science and has striven to make her research accessible to the public; one example being her team on Landscapes in Motion which involves one member from Piikani Nation as part of each field crew, along with two groups from Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program youth participants in each project year’s field crews.

Personal Life

Chef Daniel has held several culinary positions over her career. She currently sits on the Corporation of The Culinary Institute of America board of trustees and as mentor in RWF’s National Pacesetter Program; additionally she belongs to International Foodservice Manufacturers Association and Research Chefs Association.

She has also been active in the flying disc community, known for spreading an “aloha spirit” at events. Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious; in fact she even advocated to have top female jammers compete at FPA world championships so as to increase women’s participation.

Chef Daniel lives in California with her husband and two sons. As the owner and chief explorer at Culinary Continuum, she oversees all its exploration efforts.

Net Worth

Lori has spent 18 years in the insurance and financial industries and has built up an impeccable reputation. She takes great care in listening and building rapport with each of her clients while providing education during every step of the process, before using her extensive knowledge and experience to assist in making smart financial decisions that reflect current priorities.

Stormy Daniels not only owns a luxurious apartment but also numerous real estate commercial properties. Through these property holdings, she generates substantial rental fees as well as royalties from books and other media appearances; all this allows her to maintain an impressive net worth. Net worth can be determined by adding up all assets divided by liabilities; it reflects an individual’s holdings such as cash accounts, real estate properties and valuable items.

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