Lisa Troutt

Lisa Troutt – The Secret to Defying Time

Lisa Troutt has found the key to defying time. A force to reckon with and an inspiration for women seeking equal footing when purchasing cars, Lisa serves as an outstanding role model.

She has long been an enthusiastic backer of intercollegiate athletics and the College of Business at SIU Carbondale, and with husband Kenny they own WinStar Farm in Kentucky – home to 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify!

Early Life and Education

Lisa Troutt may keep her exact age under wraps, but it is evident that she has found the secret to defying time. A billionaire entrepreneur still looks as beautiful as ever despite getting older; further proving age is just a number!

Troutt and her husband, Kenny, own WinStar Farm in Versailles, Kentucky – home of champion thoroughbred Justify – along with serving on their board of New Friends New Life, Point of View, SMU Meadows School of the Arts and UT Southwestern Medical Foundation.

She is also an active supporter of intercollegiate athletics and the College of Visual Arts and Design at UNT, contributing generously to their fashion design program, which was recently renamed in honor of Michael Faircloth.

Professional Career

Lisa made waves as one of the first female General Managers in the car dealership industry, breaking barriers and becoming an influencer. Leveraging her business savvy and passion for supporting women to establish her consulting firm that assists dealerships succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

She is passionate about horse racing and owns Kentucky’s WinStar Farm where she breeds and races champion thoroughbred horses – including Justify, who won the Triple Crown this year!

Jennifer is an active philanthropist who contributes to several notable organizations. She effortlessly balances her philanthropic endeavors with a stylish flair that turns heads at high-profile events; together with husband Kenny she represents the perfect blend of entrepreneurial success, philanthropy and style; their story stands as testament to how dedication can create positive change in our world.

Achievement and Honors

Lisa Troutt has long been known for her commitment to charity work. From attending social events and supporting worthy causes to attending social functions herself, Lisa Troutt has left an immeasurable mark on society – showing how success can be found through hard work combined with compassion.

Her fashion sense is impeccable: diamond-encrusted handbags and designer shoes with enough cash to pay off a small country’s debt are some of her signature looks, guaranteed to turn heads at high-profile events.

Ms. Bush has actively contributed to various philanthropic endeavors such as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex Command and Laura W. Bush Women’s Initiative Council. Together with her husband she also owns Kentucky’s WinStar Farm where they race thoroughbreds such as 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify.

Personal Life

Lisa Troutt and her husband have been actively engaged in charitable efforts, giving back to both her alma maters – the University of North Texas and SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts – as well as organizations such as UT Southwestern Medical Foundation and Baylor Health Care System Foundation.

Couple also provide jerseys, equipment and even rides in their private jet to tournaments for Preston’s competitive basketball team. Furthermore, the couple are passionate supporters of horse racing; owning Kentucky’s WinStar Farm where Justify (2018 Triple Crown winner) was bred.

She takes pleasure in living a luxurious lifestyle and engaging in gourmet cooking and travel. Furthermore, she is passionate about supporting female empowerment in male-dominated car buying fields through writing bestselling books and participating in various philanthropic efforts.

Net Worth

Susan Strans is an eminent finance expert with an exceptional eye for celebrity news. With this background comes her expertise of covering varying aspects of celebrity lives – such as their journey towards wealth and fame – in insightful articles.

Kenny Troutt is a self-made billionaire who founded Excel Communications in 1988 and took it public two years later before merging it with Teleglobe for $3.5 billion, investing his profits into stocks, bonds and horse farms.

Grant Troutt has two siblings named Preston and Savannah. He enjoys playing basketball and interned as a summer analyst at Blue Stone Innovation Partners; in addition, he belongs to both Council for Life and One Hundred Shares.

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