Lindor Chocolate Covered Cherries

Lindt Chocolate Covered Cherries

Using a high end, gourmet quality chocolate such as Ghirardelli, and a cherry syrup, Lindt makes it easy to savor the flavor of a finely crafted chocolate bar. The resulting confection is a delight to the eye and tummy.

The best way to make chocolate covered cherries is to follow a few simple guidelines. First, place your cherries on a baking sheet and slap them in the freezer for a couple hours. This will allow the cherries to be a little more firm and allow the chocolate to adhere to the cherry better. Next, cover the cherries in plastic wrap and refrigerate for another two or three hours.

As a final step, enrobe the cherries in a hefty slab of dark chocolate. For the best results, make sure to coat the cherries in chocolate in the same manner you would in the kitchen. The end results will be a confection reminiscent of the best chocolate covered cherries you’ve ever had. A chocolate aficionado should never leave the kitchen.

As you can see, making chocolate covered cherries is a simple, fun and frolic. With a little planning, you can have chocolate covered cherries at your next event or holiday bash without a second thought. You can even find chocolate covered cherries in a gluten free form. You might want to double check the ingredients to make sure. After all, you don’t want to make your gluten-free guests feel left out. There are lots of chocolate covered cherries out there to choose from. So make sure to pick up some of the best. Hopefully, your guests will be pleased. You can even find a chocolate covered cherry cocktail if you get fancy.

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