Linda Womack Net Worth

Linda Womack was a celebrated singer-songwriter. With a powerful soulful voice and exceptional talent, Linda Womack quickly rose through the ranks of music industry. Her contributions and collaborations with other celebrated artists earned critical acclaim and financial rewards for both Linda Womack herself as well as those whom she worked alongside.

She married Cecil Womack and formed the musical duo Womack and Womack. Following a trip to Nigeria, where they discovered ancestral links to the Zekkariyas tribe, their names were changed accordingly: Zeriiya and Zekkariyas.

Early Life and Education

Linda Womack is a well-recognized American singer-songwriter with an expansive career. Her songs have earned global acclaim, while she has worked as a musical collaborator with many artists. Linda Womack hails from a notable musical family: Sam Cooke of legendary soul fame (father) and Barbara Campbell Cooke (mother), her siblings Tracey Cooke and Friendly Womack are fellow singers in their own right.

At age 11, she wrote her first song entitled ‘I Need a Woman’. Her music was heavily influenced by that of her father and she would observe his collaborations with Womack family during recording sessions to learn the finer points of melodious composition.

She has written hit songs such as ‘Love Bankrupt’ and ‘New Day’ for Patti LaBelle, as well as recorded albums with Cecil Womack such as ‘Transformation into the House of Zekkariyas.’

Professional Career

Womack has built her career on being both a singer and songwriter. She has recorded albums with various artists such as Raphael Saadiq and Jill Scott; performing at music festivals and special events alike.

Womack composed her debut song at 11 years old titled, “I Need A Woman”. Influenced by both his singing and writing abilities, Womack quickly established herself as an accomplished soul song writer in the late 70s and 80s with hits like ‘Love T.K.O.’ recorded by Teddy Pendergrass and Patti LaBelle; also, jazz guitarist George Benson recorded “New Day”.

As part of her musical duo with Cecil Womack, she produced several hit albums including Love Wars and Family Spirit. Even after Cecil died in 1993, she continued recording songs under the name ‘Womack and Womack’ with their children.

Achievement and Honors

Linda Womack is well-renowned for her musical talent and captivating voice, having collaborated with several acclaimed artists during her career and released multiple albums during that time. Her collaborations and Grammy nominations have established her as a prominent figure within the music industry.

She is the daughter of legendary soul singer Sam Cooke and stepdaughter of musician Bobby Womack; together, these notable family relationships and her work with Cecil Womack has made her world-renowned.

Linda is not only an accomplished singer but is also an adept songwriter, having written such songs as Patti LaBelle’s rendition of her song ‘Love Bankrupt’ and George Benson’s New Day (both recorded by Linda herself). Linda currently resides in South Africa with seven children under her care, where her life path number 2 prioritizes community, harmony and relationships as her driving factors.

Personal Life

Linda Womack is an esteemed American Singer with an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million. Her wealth was amassed through professional singing.

Born April 25, 1953 to Sam Cooke (an accomplished soul singer), she composed her first hit “I Need a Woman” at age 11. Upon marrying Cecil Womack (youngest of five Womack brothers who recorded gospel and rock & roll alongside Sam Cooke), Cecil and Marcia formed the duo Womack & Womack who enjoyed fame throughout the late 70s/early 80s as radio and dancefloor hits such as “Love T.K.O” and “Love Bankrupt.”

She prefers to keep her personal life under wraps and doesn’t discuss details regarding her family or relationships. Instead, she often performs live at special events and music festivals.

Net Worth

Linda Womack is an esteemed singer-songwriter whose contributions have left a profound mark on the music industry. Thanks to her talent and contributions, Linda Womack has received both critical acclaim as well as substantial financial benefits from her accomplishments.

Linda Womack is the daughter of legendary soul musician Sam Cooke and Barbara Campbell Cooke (an accomplished vocalist herself), both renowned musicians in their own right. With this incredible lineage in her bloodline comes an inherent passion for music that she has developed over time. Linda Womack’s lifelong dedication has lead her into song writing as well.

Cecil Womack, Sam’s youngest sibling and music partner in Womack & Womack. This musical duo achieved great international success and formed numerous hits. Their style fuses gospel and R&B influences for an unique sound – they have won various awards over time for this unique sound.

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