lil pump without tattoos

Rapper Lil Pump Without Tattoos and XXXTentacion Tributes

In the current climate of social media, music, and visuals, rappers have a lot of ways to express their creativity. Some have a penchant for splattering ink across their faces, while others go the more traditional route and get inked on their arms or legs.

Many of these tattoos are meant to signify something important, whether it’s a brand (Pump has a Gucci logo tattooed on his chest), their favorite movies (21 Savage got a Manson-esque forehead cross), or even just a simple, yet meaningful, inscription. But it’s worth wondering what these artists looked like before they inked their face.

Lil Pump Without Tattoos

In an Instagram post this week, Florida rapper Lil Pump announced that he has gotten rid of all of his tats. He shared a video of the change and asked fans in the comments section if they would recognize him if he were walking down the street with no ink on his face.

The rapper went on to say that he used to be the same person and that he didn’t care about having a face tat, but that he now enjoys his new look. While it’s unclear if the change is permanent, it’s definitely something that Pump seems to be feeling and has decided to do to revamp his image.

XXXTentacion Tributes

Following the murder of “SAD!” rapper XXXTentacion, several rappers have gotten X-inspired tattoos. Wifisfuneral, Denzel Curry, and Lil Xan are just a few of the artists who have gone to the ink to pay tribute.

While these rappers aren’t the first to get inked for a death, their gestures are still powerful and serve as reminders of their commitment to a cause. It’s also a way to memorialize loved ones who have passed away.

Regardless of their intentions, these rappers have taken the face-tat trend to a whole new level. They’ve spelled out their career goals, their love for certain brands, and their dedication to the late rapper XXXTentacion.

They’ve even gone as far as to tattoo a picture of their deceased family members and friends. Drake, for example, got his mom’s initials inked on his face.

He did this for two reasons: One, he wanted to honor his mother by getting her name inked on his face. And two, it was a simple, inexpensive way to remember her.

Another rapper who recently got inked to pay tribute to his late friend was Lil Xan, who got eight black dots tatted down his nose. He said that he got the ink to be “inspired by PRINCE X,” and the words on his tattoo were “Legends never die, energy lives forever.”

In addition to tatting the names of his late family members, Pump also went all out with his homage to XXXTentacion. The Florida artist tatted himself with a tattoo of X’s face above his right eyebrow, as well as a heart under his eye.

While some people might see these tats as an attempt to gain attention, others may feel that they’re just an affront to their privacy and an outgrowth of the culture that surrounds them. They might also believe that it’s just a way for rappers to broadcast their resume to the world.

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