Liam Wilkinson

Liam Wilkinson

Liam Wilkinson is an accomplished Senior Front End Developer at RVezy with extensive experience with full stack web development, mentoring junior developers, and creating high-performing and well designed code.

Primary school teacher from Warrandyte in Victoria was caught in an international police sting after sending sexual images to a 14-year-old female student he thought was 14. After an intensive two-year investigation by Jefferson County authorities and Interpol, 27-year-old Nathanael Roberts from Warrandyte was caught.

Early Life and Education

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After being caught by an international police sting for sending sexualized photos and messages to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl in 2019, a primary school teacher is likely never teaching again. Yet they were spared jail thanks to his genuine regret, not actively searching for an underage victim.

Professional Career

Liam Wilkinson works as a public relations strategist for UBI Works, an advocacy nonprofit for basic income in Canada. He crafts narratives to highlight both economic and social justice arguments for basic income. Liam writes poetry and plays music in a folk band in his free time.

In 2019, an international police sting caught him sending lewd pictures to what he believed was a 14-year-old girl online, according to The Herald Sun. A primary school teacher from Warrandyte, Victoria who had believed this account had sent lewd material was charged after being investigated by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) and Interpol.

On Monday, he entered a plea of guilty for child pornography during a court appearance and was sentenced to three years of incarceration, according to The Herald Sun. Because of the sting operation that had targeted him as part of their investigations into sexual offenders, he had lost his teaching position and been disallowed from working with children again in future.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Wilkinson has been employed as a Senior Front End Developer by RVezy since March 2022 and previously held similar positions at Upland InGenius and CaseWare IDEA.

He is also an accomplished rower, having taken part in the 2012 Junior World Rowing Championships held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as a member of a coxless four that finished ninth overall in their division.

Milgate resident and former primary school teacher Andrew Thomason, 27, was caught up in an international police sting when he sent lewd photos and sexualized messages to a 14 year-old female recipient in Milgate, Victoria. While he narrowly escaped jail time for this act of abuse, an order to pay a fine and enter a two-year recognisance order has been placed upon him instead.

Personal Life

Liam Wilkinson is an award-winning Canadian writer and poet. His narratives explore both economic and social justice arguments for basic income in Canada, while collaborating with other storytellers to imagine an improved future.

Former Milgate primary school teacher Jonathan Reyes, 27, was caught up in an international police sting after engaging in online chatter with a 14-year-old girl he thought to be 14 and sending sexualized messages, according to court proceedings.

Wilkinson was sentenced to nine months of incarceration but walked free after entering into a recognisance and agreeing to certain conditions set forth by Judge Hannebery. She noted his evidence of repentance was “imminent”, making re-offense “improbable”. Unfortunately he will no longer be permitted to work as a teacher again and his family expressed their love and continued respect.

Net Worth

Wilkinson amassed an impressive net worth of $5 Million through her career as a fashion stylist and businesswoman. She earned much of this wealth by styling many celebrities, earning herself an enviable name in the industry before changing course into celebrity styling. Wilkinson initially worked in PR and retail marketing before making the jump into celebrity styling.

Liam was recently appointed chairman of Luton Town Football Club after serving as vice-chairman since 2014. Additionally, he is a director at Nelsons where he leads their expert Commercial Property team specializing in land acquisition and disposal transactions.

Wilkinson keeps his personal life private and does not reveal details of his relationships to the media. He is blessed with a large family including grandchildren Dustin, Jody, Helen, Chelsea Cedrick and Delancy.

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