Liam Voice

Liam Voice

Liam Voice is an accomplished vocal artist renowned for captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and powerful performances. Over the course of many years, he has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft and crafting his own distinct musical style.

At an early stage in his career, he discovered his passion for music by participating in school dance and singing competitions. His talent and natural ability to captivate audiences propelled him further towards this path of pursuit.

Early Life and Education

Liam Voice discovered his passion for music while still attending secondary school, when his love was ignited through school dance and singing competitions which inspired him to pursue further musical studies.

Liam started out his music career at Xtreme Arts Records Mutundwe as a backup singer for various artists, where he gained invaluable expertise. Later he decided to launch his solo music career and released “Guma”, a Ugandan Afropop-influenced love song in August 2020.

She is now an established R&B and soul singer with an intoxicating melody that connects deeply with audiences on an emotional level. Her songs explore themes such as love, compassion and faith – she was born in Uganda in 1998 and lives there today with both of her parents.

Professional Career

Liam has quickly made an impactful mark on the music industry with his songs touching listeners from diverse social backgrounds. His passion and excitement for music shine through in his works.

His musical style fuses together contemporary Afrobeat beats and traditional African rhythms, and his lyrics honor and celebrate Africa’s heritage and splendor.

Liam’s success in Uganda has inspired him to pursue a professional singing career. He has contributed several hits to Uganda’s music industry; popular songs of his include Guma and Bus.

Liam Voice (Zisabusolo Willy) is an Ugandan singer-songwriter and recording artist who gained national attention after his song Bus went viral on Tik Tok in 2021, becoming an internet phenomenon and garnering him wide praise from music critics and other industry insiders alike.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Voice has an intimate understanding of his fans, creating unforgettable experiences through soulful melodies and dynamic performances that have earned him numerous accolades and admirers.

He is known for his distinctive stage presence; unlike most rock singers, he rarely touches either his microphone or its stand, opting instead to lean forward with hands behind back in an almost Zen-like posture – something which has become his trademark look.

Liam Voice has made music his vehicle for social change and uses his platform as a philanthropist, using music to advocate for positive social change. He believes in music’s capacity to inspire and heal; spreading messages of unity and love through his songs. Throughout his career, he has received multiple accolades such as Janzi Awards and Buzz Teenz Awards.

Personal Life

Liam Voice was raised in Kampala, Uganda and currently resides with his parents. He began singing professionally in 2015 at Extreme Art Record Mutundwe as a back-up singer before his song Bus became viral on Tik Tok and eventually made him Uganda’s biggest music star.

He credits the legendary artists he grew up listening to as his source for singing – such as Ray Charles and Etta James – with providing him the foundation he needs for singing blues music, including chart-topping blues artists like Etta James. Now featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists (such as nu-blue), including chart-topping blues songs by him.

Liam Voice had an undisclosed girlfriend. He shared photos of them performing Bareke Abo by Pallaso; unfortunately, they split in 2021.

Net Worth

He has become an internet phenomenon, as well as being an enthusiastic singer-performer who has released numerous hit songs to great acclaim in Uganda and throughout the world.

As a voice actor, he has provided English dubbing for popular anime series such as Naruto and Bleach, as well as voiced several villainous roles such as Gaara of the Sand and Illidan Stormrage from Warcraft series.

Liam began his musical journey at age 14, appearing on Simon Cowell’s fifth series of X Factor. Unfortunately, due to not making it through to judges’ house round he was sent home, but later returned and won boys category on this season of the show!

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