Liam Lattrell

Liam Lattrell – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Liam made his way into psychotherapy through a combination of academics, introspection, and direct work with adults who suffered from severe mental illnesses. He earned both his undergraduate degree at UMass Amherst (Legal Studies) and master’s from York University (Psychology).

He currently practices mindfulness-based approaches to depression and anxiety treatment as well as harm reduction substance abuse treatment.

Early Life and Education

Liam Lattrell is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker located in Greenfield, MA who specializes in mindfulness, depression and relationship issues as well as substance use/addiction treatment.

James earned both his Bachelor’s in Legal Studies from University of Massachusetts Amherst and Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Smith College. In therapy sessions he employs an approach which fosters connection and development for his clients.

He takes great pleasure in helping others understand their struggles and heal, particularly LGBTQ individuals, but has worked with all genders and ages. While his initial passion was theater, later his focus turned towards Japanese anime dubbing as voice actor/director/ADR writer/automated dialogue replacement writer/autodialer writer roles.

Professional Career

Liam Lattrell is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who specializes in mindfulness, depression, anxiety, relationships and substance use and addiction. His compassionate relational-based approach helps clients grow and heal.

He has extensive experience working as a clinical case manager for various non profits and the Department of Mental Health; but psychotherapy remains his true calling.

He specializes in treating adults, and holds postgraduate training in Internal Family Systems Therapy and Harm Reduction substance abuse treatment. His private practice in Greenfield, MA accepts new patients on a sliding fee scale basis without accepting insurance; additionally, telehealth options are also available and you can contact him directly for more information.

Personal Life

He possesses an immense passion for clinical work and embraces an ethical relationship-based approach to psychotherapy. He specializes in mindfulness, depression and anxiety treatment as well as substance use/relationship issues with harm reduction being offered as an approach.

Skiing, kayaking and hiking are among his many outdoor hobbies; he is immensely grateful to the family and friends that have supported him during his career. Married for seven years and with two children. Voice actor best known for playing Xander on popular TV series Psych. Nominated multiple times including Critics’ Choice Television Award nominee; featured in various films as well. Currently living in Greenville Texas

Net Worth

Luttrell is not only an accomplished author and motivational speaker, but he is also involved with numerous business ventures. He founded TNQ (Team Never Quit), producing ammunition and apparel products, while hosting his podcast Team Never Quit Podcast. Luttrell currently boasts over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers which demonstrates his popularity among gamers worldwide.

He amassed his estimated net worth through royalties from books and speaking engagements as well as property sold from Luttrellstown by his ancestor Luke White to Lord Annaly.

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