Liam Bowman

Liam Bowman

Liam Bowman currently works as an eCommerce & Graphic Design Assistant at Vivid Impact, located in Louisville, United States.

His previous Canadian military experience includes being captain of Canada’s Under-18 national program as well as Rugby Canada’s Pacific Pride development side in 2021.

George L. Bowman, 22, from Baxter passed away this morning at six o’clock at home.

Early Life and Education

Bowman was born and raised in New York City, living most of his early years in public housing or rent-controlled apartments. He is the son of both a post office worker and teacher; later going on to earn both an English bachelor’s degree at College of Saint Rose as well as attending The College of New Jersey.

He is passionate about education and Japan’s language, hoping to share his experiences through this scholarship with students. So far he has visited Tokyo and Osaka – with plans to visit more parts of Japan in the near future.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Bowman’s school has been operating remotely. According to him, his children have struggled with their schoolwork without direct interaction from teachers; and unfortunately his wife has not been able to return to work and therefore cannot monitor her children while attending online classes.

Professional Career

Liam Bowman has extensive experience across various industries. He has held positions such as engineering manager and principal electronic engineer; additionally he has done work for aerospace and energy firms. Liam currently works as Chief Technology Officer of ETA Green Power Ltd.

He holds a bachelor of electrical engineering from the University of Colorado and boasts extensive engineering expertise, having previously served in multiple roles at Kongsberg GeoAcoustics.

Ceddanne Rafaela – OF (Red Sox; 1st Auto Only).

Achievement and Honors

Bowman founded Cornerstone Academy for Social Action in the Bronx in 2009 to unlock students’ natural brilliance with a holistic curriculum. He later served as principal and is an outspoken supporter of reforming education by abolishing state-sanctioned annual standardized testing.

Bowman is a dedicated athlete both on the field and in the classroom. In 2019, he received both a D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award winner and ECC Commissioner’s Honor Roll award, earning nine hits, 10 runs scored, two stolen bases from 49 at bats in total.

Liam is an excellent teammate and has the potential to score big goals whenever he gets hold of the ball. He always encourages his teammates, and shows a keen willingness to learn new things.

Personal Life

Liam Bowman has built an extensive professional network in his career as an engineer. He has extensive work experience at several companies such as MSF Technologies and Kongsberg GeoAcoustics.

He and his wife have been happily married for more than 30 years, raising two children together and living in Alexandria, Virginia.

Liam is an outstanding footballer, possessing exceptional skill and being confident when in front of goal. Additionally, he’s an exceptional team player with an eagerness to learn attitude – which makes coaching him such a pleasure – not forgetting his charismatic presence that his teammates love being around! Liam would make an invaluable leader and great asset to any club – an outstanding choice as leader!

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