Liam Black

Liam Black

Liam Black, a talented painter and finisher, recently made his television debut on HGTV’s Flip the Strip show. He demonstrated his expert abilities through creativity and delicacy when painting the exterior walls for three houses featured.

Additionally, he serves on the board at Togetherall – a clinically managed community that offers support to those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Early Life and Education

Liam Black hails from Australia and attended Helensvale State High School before founding Nano Recover CBD company and living in Las Vegas as its founder. An accomplished painter and finisher, Liam is also passionate about fitness. In his free time he enjoys travelling around to different places he’s visited over time.

Liam first made its first appearance on Irish birth certificates during the late 18th century when large numbers of Irish refugees fled due to the potato famine, eventually settling outside Ireland itself. Its diminutive form is Uilliam.

Liam has since become one of the most sought-after baby names, making its mark across baby name lists around the globe. It ranks highly for boys in the US, Canada and Australia and also features as one of the top Irish names in Britain.

Professional Career

Liam Black is an entrepreneur and talented painter. He made his television debut on HGTV’s show Flip the Strip where his team renovated clients’ homes.

As We Please is his company that helps people build purpose driven businesses. Additionally, he serves as Chairman, Board Member and speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship and social change.

He is currently dating mental health therapist Jamie Lynn of Pink Pill podcast fame. They frequently share photos of each other on Instagram and are very open about sharing details of their relationship with fans – this perfect match has a wonderful bond that his fans adore him for.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Black is known for being a talented painter and finisher, showcasing this skill on the hit HGTV show Flip the Strip. Ben Cleary, Dan Paterson, Malik Wills-Martin and Liam Black team up to transform homes into Vegas-worthy entertainment spaces complete with eye-catching chandeliers, eye-catching bar setups, risque artwork and much more.

He bears a scar across his chest that was caused by an attack from a dog when he was younger, and is an adventurous spirit who enjoys exploring various locations. Additionally, he’s an avid fitness enthusiast and often shares photos and updates about his workout regimen on social media.

Liam serves on the board of directors at Spindletop Charities, Inc. as well as United Way of Houston’s Black Employee Success Team board and as trustee for Amani Institute.

Personal Life

Liam Black is currently in a relationship with Jamie Lynn, a mental health therapist and host of the popular Pink Pill podcast. Together they often post about their adventures on their respective social media accounts.

Liam Black is an active supporter of various charity causes and serves on the Board of Directors for Togetherall, which offers clinically managed community living to improve mental health outcomes.

As well as serving on the board of Amani Institute and mentoring various founders and leaders within purpose driven businesses, he is also renowned as an author and speaker. An avid punk rock fan himself, he boasts several tattoos.

Net Worth

At 29 years old, this self-made man is already an established business leader. He founded Nano Recover, a line of CBD products with nanoparticulates designed for efficient absorption into the body.

One Direction’s youngest member and co-writer of their albums. Since then he has made the transition into acting roles such as Kinsey and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.

Liam recently parted ways with Miley Cyrus after two years of dating, yet is busy building his career. He will host Flip the Strip on HGTV that showcases home renovation projects in Vegas; its premiere will occur July 10. In addition, Liam will star on Season 10 of X Factor Australia.

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