Leonard Who Played Mr Spock Crossword

Leonard Nimoy – The Man Who Played Mr Spock Crossword

The pointy-eared, relentlessly logical sidekick to William Shatner’s Captain Kirk, Spock was the brains behind Star Trek’s most memorable moments. Nimoy’s portrayal of the half-human, half-Vulcan philosopher enthralled audiences for 50 years and became the model for numerous spinoffs.

In addition to his role on the original NBC series, which ran from 1966 to 1969, Nimoy also appeared in a variety of other TV shows and films throughout his career. He acted as an actor, writer, director, photographer, poet, and teacher.

He also embraced his Jewish heritage, playing a Holocaust survivor in Never Forget and appearing in A Woman Called Golda, a television movie about the life of Israel’s first female prime minister. He was also a noted author, and wrote books like The New York Times bestseller “The Starship Spock.”

Outgoing Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has declared Friday Leonard Nimoy Day in honor of the West End native’s contributions to the arts and his dedication to his community.

The proclamation said that Nimoy’s accomplishments in the acting, directing and writing fields made him the envy of his peers and that he brought much pride to his beloved city. He was a fixture of the West End Boys Club and the Elizabeth Peabody House, and was honored for his achievements at Boston College.

For all of his other achievements, he was a true geek at heart. He had a keen interest in science and technology, and he was often seen carrying around a small device that could measure the amount of light on a single photon. His other gizmos included a light-up, animated tricorder, a light-up telescopic mirror, and an augmented reality headset.

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