Leon Sylvers III Net Worth

Leon Sylvers currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million earned primarily through his career as a Musician.

He began his musical career alongside his younger siblings and sisters as part of The Sylvers family group, scoring numerous hits throughout the mid and late 70s.

Early Life and Education

Leon Sylvers was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but relocated with his mother, siblings, and younger brother after their parents’ divorce to Los Angeles with them. At six years old he began playing the drums using coat hangers and a box spring as makeshift kits.

He composed his debut hit single “Wish That I Could Talk to You”, featured on his family’s debut album called The Sylvers. Additionally, he co-wrote Foster Sylvers’ Top 10 US R&B chart hit single “Misdemeanor”, which became a huge success during summer 1973.

Dick Griffey approached Leon after hearing of their second album release to become in-house producer at SOLAR Records and produce albums by Lakeside, the Whispers and Shalamar.

Professional Career

After his parents’ divorce Leon joined with Olympia, Charmaine, and James (his younger siblings) to form The Little Angels harmony vocal group which appeared on numerous popular shows including Make Room for Daddy and You Bet Your Life before moving to California in the 60s.

In 1978, they signed with Dick Griffey’s SOLAR records and started an extremely prolific production career that yielded hits for Lakeside, Whispers, Carrie Lucas, Shalamar as well as J Dilla who sampled some of his work.

Near the end of the 80’s, Sylvers was at his musical peak and created some outstanding music – one of his masterpieces being Brother Johnson’s 12 inch “You Keep Me Coming Back”, still widely cherished among disco music enthusiasts today.

Achievement and Honors

Leon has written and produced for an array of artists outside the Sylvers. He co-wrote and produced Gladys Knight’s Grammy-award-winning track I (Who Have Nothing). Additionally, Leon produced Dam-Funk’s third album Invite The Light.

In 1978, after Edmund and Joseph Richard “Ricky” had left, Leon produced Forever Yours which proved a huge hit for Solar Records. While Leon served as producer on this album he didn’t participate in its recording itself; rather he focused on writing/producing other Solar acts such as Lakeside and Shalamar instead.

By the mid 1970s, Sylvers was one of the most prolific producers on the scene, producing many hit songs and albums that would go on to become chart toppers.

Personal Life

Leon Sylvers III’s Net Worth, Annual Earnings, Wiki Page, Bio Page, Career Biographie, Family Backgrounds and Affairs including height weight pictures car salary age facts wife children etc is listed below. Leon was born March 7 1953 in United States of America.

The Sylvers were an African-American family group who achieved international renown through hit albums. Perhaps their most iconic song is 1970’s “Wish That I Could Talk to You”, which reached the top ten of US R&B charts and was covered by other artists including the Rolling Stones. Leon continued his production career by writing songs and producing for other artists on Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records such as Shalamar, Lakeside, Whispers and Dynasty; In 1978 The Sylvers recorded Concept which Capitol had rejected for Casablanca Records instead.

Net Worth

Leon Sylvers joined his siblings Olympia, Charmaine and James to form harmony vocal group The Little Angels in the early 1960s, quickly becoming popular throughout the US with appearances on variety shows such as Make Room for Daddy and You Bet Your Life.

In 1980 Leon left the family group to become an in-house producer at SOLAR records owned by Dick Griffey. There he produced albums by Shalamar, Whispers and Carrie Lucas among others.

He began his major production career with Lakeside on their album Shot of Love which reached number 10 on US Top R&B Albums charts. Additionally, he began working with Shalamar starting with their disco album Disco Gardens which included their iconic single Take That to the Bank.

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