Len Bosack

Biography of Len Bosack

Len Bosack is one of the co-founders of Cisco Systems, one of the world’s premier networking companies. Along with his wife Sandy Lerner, they established Cisco in 1984.

Their first product, a box that allowed computers running different operating systems to communicate, led to the multiprotocol network used today to link computers worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Leonard Bosack was born in Pennsylvania, United States. He completed high school studies at Wyndmoor’s La Salle College High School before going on to graduate from University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 1973 and joining Digital Equipment Corporation as a hardware engineer before going on to Stanford University for further studies in computer science in 1979.

At Stanford, he created a router that allowed computers in the Computer Science lab to share data with Business School networks. While at the institution, he met his future wife Sandy Lerner. Together they founded Cisco Systems in 1984.

Initial financing of the business came from borrowing money from friends and family; when the two co-founders sold their stock in the early 90s they donated all of the proceeds to charity.

Professional Career

Leonard Bosack was born and educated in Pennsylvania before attending La Salle College High School before moving onto Stanford University for further studies in computer science, earning a master’s degree.

Early in his career, he started working at Digital Equipment Corporation. By 1981 he had transitioned into becoming the support engineer of Stanford’s project involving connecting all their mainframes, minicomputers, LISP machines, and Altos together – creating what can only be described as an interconnectivity hub. In this way he is widely recognized as having pioneered an early form of network routing technology between all these computers.

In 1984, he co-founded Cisco Systems with Sandy Lerner and they are widely credited with pioneering commercialization of local area network (LAN) technology as well as helping lay the groundwork for what would eventually become known as the Internet. Together they have been honored with multiple awards for their efforts such as IEEE’s 2009 Computer Entrepreneur Award.

Achievement and Honors

Leonard Bosack has pioneered many technological breakthroughs that have profoundly shaped the technology industry over his distinguished career. For this groundbreaking work, he received many prestigious awards and honors, serving as an example to many young innovators looking for inspiration.

Bosack and Sandy Lerner are widely recognized for being pioneers of commercial local area networks (LAN), pioneering its first widespread implementation at Stanford by linking mainframes, minis, LISP machines and Altos computers in 1981. Subsequently they co-founded Cisco Systems together.

Len Bosack has contributed immensely to philanthropic work through both his business endeavors and philanthropy efforts. He has funded various initiatives that have increased access to quality education while simultaneously supporting environmental sustainability and advocating for animal welfare issues. Furthermore, his foundation has funded multiple science projects as well as purchased Chawton House – Jane Austen’s brother’s manor home!

Personal Life

Leonard Bosack is an American computer entrepreneur best known for co-founding Cisco Systems, a multinational consumer electronics and communications firm. Bosack was responsible for commercializing local area network (LAN), connecting geographically dispersed computers. In 2009 he won the Computer Entrepreneur Award. Additionally he established engineering company XKL LLC to explore optical networks as a form of data transmission.

While studying at Stanford University in 1981, he served as support engineer on a project to link all of their mainframes, minicomputers, LISP machines and Altos together. He was responsible for creating a router which connected their Computer Science lab network to that at their Business School campus.

Net Worth

Len Bosack, an American businessman and co-founder of Cisco Systems with his wife, is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $250 Million. Their technology firm produces consumer electronics and networking technology.

He grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from La Salle College High School in 1969 before joining Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a hardware engineer before enrolling at Stanford University to study computer science.

He and Sandy Lerner formed Cisco in 1984 as a global firm to design and sell consumer electronics and communications technology. Together they led the first widespread commercialization of local area networks (LAN), connecting geographically dispersed computers. Furthermore, they launched engineering company XKL LLC which explores and develops optical networks for data communication purposes.

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