Laura Les Net Worth

Laura Les is an esteemed American singer-songwriter-producer. She is best known for her work with Dylan Brady’s musical duo 100 Gecs as well as having a solo career.

Les was first noticed within the St. Louis electronic music scene and met her future working partner at an event in 2012. At that time, Les began her professional life under the name osno1. However, she discontinued this alias in 2018 when releasing her third EP under her own name.

Early Life and Education

Les was raised in Kirkwood, Missouri and attended Webster Groves High School. Her interest in music developed quickly as she listened to rock songs and began learning guitar. Later she began dabbling in music production by learning piano and synthesizers.

Her work as part of 100 Gecs earned her significant attention and a dedicated following, their debut album receiving critical acclaim. Their music combines elements from pop, punk and electronica with pitched-up nightcore vocals for an unconventional musical style.

Before, she released music under the moniker of osno1, but has since switched back to her own name as her primary musical alias. Numerology indicates that she is goal-oriented and works to achieve them with dedication and commitment.

Professional Career

Laura Les is an American singer-songwriter and producer best known as one half of experimental electronic duo 100 gecs. She gained popularity through hit singles such as “Money Machine” and “1000 Gecs”, performing at many major festivals around the world.

100 Gecs’ music takes inspiration from various sources; their debut album features elements of pop, punk and electronica blended together with hyperpop production techniques for an exciting hybrid experience.

This duo first achieved prominence on the St. Louis electronic scene when Les met Dylan Brady at an event in 2012. Under their stage name osno1, Les and Dylan began working under that moniker until 2016 when their debut EP, Hello Kitty Stakes to the Fuckin CEMETARY was released; later stopping using that name and instead issuing 2017 EP entitled: I Just Don’t Wanna Name it Anything With Beach in its Title was issued.

Achievement and Honors

Laura Les is an acclaimed American singer-songwriter known for being part of the 100 Gecs band and performing at various renowned festivals worldwide. She boasts an enormous fan following worldwide.

She initially became popular on the St. Louis electronic scene before meeting Dylan Brady at a party. Originally under the moniker osno1, she began performing under Dylan as well.

Laura Les is an accomplished solo artist, having released several EPs and albums under her own name as well as working with Charli XCX, Black Dresses, Dorian Electra, Rico Nasty among many others. Most recently she released the energetic hyperpop track “Haunted”, with more solo works planned soon as well.

Personal Life

Laura Les is an American Pop Singer best known for her work in 100 Gecs duo; receiving critical acclaim and accolades. Additionally, Laura Les has performed at several music festivals.

She was born on 2 December 1994 and possesses the Life Path number 1. According to numerology, this indicates she is driven and goal-oriented; dedicating all her energy and efforts towards reaching those objectives.

She has been married once before and is mother to one son. She has collaborated with rapper/singer Ashnikko as well as being from St Louis where she first emerged into the electronic scene, where she met Dylan Brady (future collaborator) at a party and began performing as Osno1. Furthermore, Gabriel Mason Howell has been linked with her romantically.

Net Worth

Laura Les is an American singer-songwriter and producer best known for her work as one half of 100 Gecs with Dylan Brady and has released several EPs under osno1 as well as collaborations with Charli XCX and Black Dresses.

Laura was born on 2 December 1994 under the sign of Sagittarius. Her life path number 1 indicates she is purposeful and goal-focused, dedicating all her effort towards attaining her objectives.

She has collaborated with artists such as Ashnikko and is well known for her appearance in Adult Swim series FishCenter Live 2019. A Chicago resident, she is known to have dated Gabriel Mason Howell at one point.

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