Kendall Jones Worth

How Much is Kendall Jones Worth?

Kendall Jones is an archer who has enjoyed great success throughout her career. She has amassed significant wealth over time as well as several endorsement contracts.

She is the daughter of Kimberly and Cody Jones and began hunting game when she was nine, targeting all four species in Africa – African Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and African Leopard.

Early Life and Education

Kendall Jones is a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who has become a symbol in America’s cultural wars. Although she has experienced hatred and criticism due to her sexual orientation and appearance, she has managed to overcome those hurdles and establish herself as an influencer within the outdoors industry.

She began hunting since she was eight, becoming one of Africa’s youngest to harvest Africa’s Big Five at 14. Additionally, she hunted antelope, deer and sheep during this time.

She currently works as a business litigation attorney in Southern California and studies intermediate improv at Groundlings Los Angeles. She lives with three children in Thousand Oaks and has relation with the Kardashian clan through sister Kylie; Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob are her older half-siblings.

Professional Career

Kendall Jones is a tracker renowned for pursuing and killing endangered African creatures for amusement or profit, leading many to criticise her online and cause her considerable outrage. Additionally, it has been reported that she pursues and kills these species just to satisfy herself or get paid by animal conservationists.

She was born September 28 and holds the numerological life path number 4 based on numerology. People with this life path number tend to be practical and well organized while remaining efficient overall.

She has been an active participant at Graymere CC since 2020 and boasts an active social media presence, with over 6 million Instagram followers on her account alone. Additionally, she serves as both author and political commentator; being born to Kimberly Jones and Cody Jones respectively and living in Kopperl, Texas together.

Achievement and Honors

George Kendall is an esteemed attorney and public service advocate who has led the fight to overcome injustice and inequality within our criminal justice system. As head of Squire Sanders & Dempsey’s pioneering pro bono initiative and one of the key figures battling Congress over efforts to reduce habeas corpus protections.

Jones’ work explores her personal history while drawing from extensive theoretical and art historical research to produce striking images and stirring conversations in her content. Her dedication was recognized when she won KCAD’s 2013 Excellence Award in Drawing.

She follows in her mother and sister’s footsteps as fashion models, and has secured several business collaborations as well. Additionally, her social media following continues to expand exponentially.

Personal Life

Kendall is not limited to photography as her source of income; she owns several investments and owns her home in Beverly Hills as well as having an active social media account with millions of followers.

She is also a professional archer and has won various awards for her efforts. She boasts many famous clients that pay her an attractive monthly salary to provide services.

She is a single woman who prefers to keep her personal life private, yet an expert hunter. In 2014, she earned the prestigious Youth Hunter of the Year title. After posting pictures of herself chasing rhinoceroses that went viral online in 2014, she quickly rose in popularity as an expert hunter. She particularly enjoys hunting these endangered species.

Net Worth

Kendall Kardashian, model and media personality is worth an incredible fortune thanks to her appearance in reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as numerous business ventures and lucrative modeling career.

She began training to hunt at age 8, becoming one of Africa’s Big Five (lion, elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard) at 13.

Jones prefers not to discuss her relationships or past flings; she does make an effort, however, to update her social media pages regularly. At present, the star is said to be single and belongs to Graymere Country Club.

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